Hitman 3: Release Date, Trailer, Story, Features And Everything We Know About Hitman III
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Hitman 3: Release Date, Trailer, Story, Features And Everything We Know About Hitman III

Chris Trout
24 November 2020

Hitman's conclusion to the epic trilogy is coming in 2021.

Hitman 3, the final game in the trilogy, is coming to PS5!

Agent 47 is back in action and it looks like he's heading to Dubai based on the recent gameplay reveal.

Release Date

Hitman 3 is coming on January 20, 2021!

What Is Hitman 3?

While it's unclear what Hitman 3 is all about, according to Hakan Abrak of IO Interactive, he's back for his most intimate and professional contract in his entire career.

This is also the conclusion of the World of Assassination Trilogy.

In the gameplay preview, we see him climbing a tall building in Dubai, but no intel on what the story is about or why he's there is given.

With this being the final entry in the "World of Assassination", it'll allow players to import the first and second games into Hitman 3 - meaning you'll have a HUGE amount of levels to play through.


The Hitman 3 main cast has been revealed! Let's take a look at the characters and who they're played by.

  1. Olivia Hall - Played by Isura Barbe - Brown
  2. Lucas Grey - Played by John Hopkins
  3. Agent 47 - Played by David Bateson
  4. Diana Burnwood - Played by Jane Perry
  5. The Constant - Played by Phillip Rosch
  6. Hitman 3 Main Cast


    All six locations will be available at launch.

    So far, we've seen Dubai and Thornbridge Manor, in England, as well as Chongqing, China.


    Free Next-Gen Upgrade

    IQ Interactive has released a statement surrounding players upgrading their version of the game to next-gen consoles. Check it out below:

    "Yes, we’re doing a next-gen upgrade for consoles and yes, it’s free. Console players can buy (including pre-order) a digital edition of HITMAN 3 on the current generation of platforms and receive a free upgrade to the next-gen version of the game for no additional cost."


    The game will be available on the PS5, Xbox Series X and PC.

    As revealed during the August 6 State of Play, the game will also offer a VR mode which will also work with the previous two games on PSVR.

    The game will also come to Nintendo Switch via a Cloud Streaming version.

    The game will get added ray-tracing support as a post-launch addition on PC, IO has confirmed in a blog post.


    The game should retail at about £49.99 or $59.99. We also know that IO Interactive will be publishing the game, as well as developing it.

    We also know that the game's next-generation versions will be free upgrades for anyone purchasing Hitman 3 on PS4 or Xbox One digitally.


    Hitman 3 will come in two different editions, and pre-ordering either will get players the "Trinity Pack", which offers a white, red, or black suit for Agent 47.

    The standard edition will include the game, while the Deluxe Edition will include the Deluxe Pack.

    That pack offers a digital artbook and soundtrack, a director's commentary for mission intros, and premium outfits as part of the Deluxe Escalations.

    Check it out below.

    Everything included in the Deluxe Edition.


    Elusive Targets, Escalations and Contracts are coming to Hitman 3.

    Elusive Targets sets up the "ultimate Hitman challenge" where you must track down a special target without the aid of the HUD or Instinct ability.

    Escalations return with new elements thrown into the mix to put your assassination skills to the test. Increased security cameras, disguise restrictions and plenty of "complications".

    Contracts lets you pick your own targets and lets you decide how you want to take them out. Once you've achieved your goal, you can then share the challenge you've tailored with friends to compete for the best score.

    Ghost Mode, however, will not be returning.

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