Gran Turismo 7: Release Date, Price, Details and More
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Gran Turismo 7: Release Date, Price, Details and More

Jonno Nicholson
3 July 2020

Gran Turismo is coming to PS5!

Storied sim racing franchise Gran Turismo is heading to the next generation of PlayStation. 

During Sony's The Future of Gaming show, the next instalment in the franchise was unveiled by studio head Kazunori Yamauchi. 

Gran Turismo 7 will be the newest game in the series since the release of Gran Turismo Sport back in 2017.

Gran Turismo's utilisation of next-gen technology should allow the game to create an incredibly immersive driving experience.

Release Date & Price

Sony didn't share a release date for the game but it is likely that GT7 could be available when the console launches later this year. 

However, Polyphony Digital has a track record of delaying the release of its games so to it would be safe to predict a 2021 release. 

As for price, the standard edition will likely sell for around £50 while a more limited edition of GT7 will be priced between £70-80.

What to Expect

Although Gran Turismo Sport is definitely an incredible racing game, it wasn't the definitive Gran Turismo experience that appeared in GT6. 

During the event, there was a small snippet of gameplay which you can check out below:

Career Mode

CEO of Polyphony Digital, Kazunori Yamuchi, revealed the latest title would include a return of a campaign mode.

This is an exciting addition as players have been asking for a return of the career mode.


Tuning is also making a return in Grand Turismo 7, this is another feature that was removed and is making a return.

Tuning was removed in GT Sport and players have been asking for it back ever since.

It's good to see it's making a return.


The game looks amazing in the reveal trailer.

It boasts stunning locations, fast cars and interesting tracks to try out.

The utilisation of the next-gen console technology will provide the game with incredible graphics.

Grand Turismo's driving gameplay never disappoints, the newest title in the series doesn't look like it will either.