Valorant: Episode 1 Act 2 Battle Pass: Release Date, Act 1 End Date, Rewards, New Agents, Maps, Skin And Everything You Need To Know
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Valorant: Episode 1 Act 2 Battle Pass: Release Date, Act 1 End Date, Rewards, New Agents, Maps, Skin And Everything You Need To Know

Lloyd Coombes
7 July 2020

Valorant's new season pass is coming. Here's all we know.

Valorant is in the middle of its first episode, Episode 1: Ignition, but as is so often the case in videogames fans have begun to ask what's next for Riot's tactical shooter.

In a recent developer update, we were made aware of some new content coming soon!

Here is everything we know about Valorant's Episode 1 Act 2 and all the details regarding it. 

Latest News

Valorant Tweet A Dragon Teaser - 7th July

Valorant has tweeted a short video of an animated dragon

It's unclear what it's for or why it has been tweeted without a general context. Many are speculating it is skin-related but could play into the lore of Valorant.

What Is Act 2?

Every Act in Valorant marks the start of a new battle pass, with each Episode being made up of a number of acts.

Each act is broken up into 10 chapters, with each chapter containing five Premium tier rewards and a Free Chapter completion reward.

Each act contains a Premium version and a free version - all players have access to the free version, with the option to upgrade to the Premium Version at any time. The Premium Version will cost money but comes with better rewards.

All rewards that are unlocked are yours to keep forever, but if you fail to unlock them, you will not be able to get them again.

According to Valorant's Revenue Lead, Joe Lee, Act 1 takes roughly 100 hours to complete - meaning we can expect the next act to be the same.


When Is Valorant's Episode 1 Act 2 Release Date?

According to leaks, Episode 1 Act 2 will launch on the 4th August and end on the 13th October 2020.

The current Valorant Act is set to end on August 2nd, 2020! This was confirmed in a developer update Twitter video posted by the official Valorant Twitter account.

Check out the full video below!

New Agents

Confirmed during the video, we will be getting a total of six new Agents throughout the year. With a brand new one coming with the release of Act 2 in August.

They also posted a teaser image with the announcement of Act 2, which may allude to the design of the newest Agent.

New Weapons

We do not know if Riot plans on adding any game-breaking weapons for the release of Act 2.

However, we can suspect some buffs and nerfs to certain weapons in the current loot pool for sure!


The Premium version of Act 2 will cost 1,000 Valorant Points.



With only three maps in the current rotation, we expect Riot to add some new ones with the release of Act 2!

Weapon Skins

We expect Riot to add some insane skin packs into Valorant with the release of the latest Act. 

How Long Is Act 2? 

During the above developer update, Anna Donlon confirmed that each Act is going to last two months.

As well, there is going to be a total of 2 Episodes throughout the year; each spanning six months. With three Acts inside of each Episode!