Rainbow Six Siege: Year 5 Season 4 Release Date, Patch Notes, New Operators, New Map, Seasonal Skins, Trailer, Gameplay And More
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Rainbow Six Siege: Year 5 Season 4 Release Date, Patch Notes, New Operators, New Map, Seasonal Skins, Trailer, Gameplay And More

Chris Trout
3 July 2020

Season 4 is coming to Rainbow Six Siege's fifth year - here's what we know.

Rainbow Six Siege's second season in year 5, Operation Steel Wave has been released.

It brought with it a wealth of content for players to enjoy.

However, it's time to look forward to future seasons and what we have in store.

The next season's Operators appear to have leaked and it the Season 4 Operator appears to have a robotic arm!

Not only that, but it also looks like Ubisoft's Splinter Cell franchise could be a key theme in the next season.

Here's what we know about Year 5 Season 4 in Rainbow Six Siege.

You can read all about Operation Steel Wave by clicking the links below:

Release Date

The release date for Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Steel Wave is set to arrive sometime in December 2020 (based on the usual 3 month period between seasons).

This next Operation is due to be unveiled in November, with the usual Test Server trials to occur on PC for three weeks before launch.

However, Ubisoft has announced that development could be slowed and the season may be delayed to the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

The maintenance schedule may be similar to the past season, which will look like this:

  • PC: 13:00 GMT | 9:00 AM EDT | 13:00 UTC
  • XB1: 12:00 GMT | 10:00 AM EDT | 14:00 UTC
  • PS4: 15:00 GMT |11:00 AM EDT | 15:00 UTC

Maintenance should last for roughly one hour.


New Operators

Just like Operation Void Edge and Steel Wave, Season 4 will bring two new operators.

In Season 1, we were introduced to Ianna and Oryx, as well as Ace and Melusi in Season 2.

So who do we have in the third season? Rumours are that we're set to get an attacker with a drill camera and a defender with a robotic arm and laser gates. However, there's speculation that the Defender is an actually a Season 4 Operator.

In a recent video, a lot of new content was shown off and it seems to be a blend of Season 3 and 4 - in which order things are released is unknown for the most part.

The attacker for Season 3 looks suspiciously like Buck, many thinking that it was a Splinter Cell Elite Skin, but it appears to be a new Operator entirely - who is codenamed "Scout".

Photos via Maxnikit

Scout’s primary weapon is reportedly a new rifle called the SC3000X, despite displaying what is likely placeholder art of Fuze/Ace’s AK-12 assault rifle.

This rifle is the highly-customized rifle that Sam Fisher wields, reinforcing the Splinter Cell crossover; it will also be the first weapon added since Kali's sniper rifle in 2019.

Sam Fisher's SC-20K Assault Rifle

Scout's gadget has also been shown off, appearing to be a handheld launcher with a green-tinted sight (another Splinter Cell reference).

We presume this is the special camera launcher that can drill through walls.

Photo via Gamer Felonies

The second Operator, who's named Aruni, can tear down barricades with a single strike and punch holes in walls.

There doesn't seem to be a limit on this ability, currently - she will also be equipped with Dokkaebi’s Mk14 EBR.

Photo via PapaCapinya

Is this legit? PapaCapinya certainly seems to think so and reliable Siege leaker Kormora seems to back this up with what they have been told.

She is also equipped with a gadget called the Surya Gate, described only as a laser reinforcement.

It appears to be a device that can be positioned in certain locations to form a protective laser grid.

When Aruni approaches her device the grid lowers allowing her to pass through.

This gadget will allow her to control certain locations and force attackers to consider their movements across the map.

New Weapon Sights

Zer0Bytes' video also revealed a number of new weapon sights to be added to Siege.

It displayed the ability to magnify certain sights to individual settings of 1x, 3x, 4x, 5x and 12x.

This is a positive addition that will add another level of customisation to Siege's gameplay.

Skyscraper Map Rework

Zer0Bytes managed to capture full walkthroughs of both the reworked Chalet and Skyscraper.

Here is the walkthrough of the reworked Skyscraper:



Chalet Map Rework

Here is the walkthrough of the reworked Chalet:



Tachanka Elite Skin

Tachanka appears to be getting a shirtless Elite Skin in the next season.

New Season 4 Features

  • New hard breaching gadget for attackers
  • 417 (French DMR) with the M249 scope
  • Splinter Cell looking Nokk headgear

Event And Arcade Playlist

In Operation Void Edge, we received the Golden Gun arcade playlist.

It's yet to be confirmed what will arrive in the next season.

Year 5 Road Map

Year 5 Pass

So what does the Year 5 pass include?

  • 1-year* VIP Membership
  • 6 new Year 5 operators
  • 6 headgear and 6 uniforms
  • 1 R6 Charm
  • 1 Seasonal Weapon skin
  • 1 full Operator Bundle (Jäger Byte)

VIP Perks:

  • 7-day early access to each season's new Operators
  • 10% discount in in-game shop**
  • 5% Renown boost
  • 30% discount and 30% faster progression on Battle Passes
  • 0,3% Alpha Pack Boost


If you're looking to get more Renown or improve your gameplay, check out our guides here:

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