Destiny 2 Lightfall Expansion: Everything we know so far including release date, price, new features and more
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Destiny 2 Lightfall Expansion: Everything we know so far including release date, price, new features and more

Lloyd Coombes
10 June 2020

Lightfall was announced two years before launch. Here's all we know.

Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals is the current season of content, and it'll lead into Destiny 2: Beyond Light in September, but Bungie took the unusual step of confirming the names of the game's next big expansions - meaning we know what to expect right up until 2022!

Lightfall will be arriving in 2022, here's all we know so far. Be sure to check our article about The Witch Queen, slated for 2021, here.

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When Will Lightfall Expansion Launch?

The expansion arrives in 2022, and given the usual release cadence of the game's expansions, you should expect it in September.

Expansion Story

With the expansion still two years (and two expansions worth of content) away, we don't know a lot about the story.

The logo shows the pyramid ships of the Darkness, suggesting they'll tie into the narrative.

Expansion Trailer

There's no trailer for the expansion yet, but you'll find its announcement at the tail end of this Destiny retrospective.



Things are a little up in the air here. While Destiny's larger expansions have usually been in the £30 - £40 range, the move away from seasonal content might see the game experiment with new pricing strategies.

We'll hopefully find out more soon enough.

Season Pass

Shadowkeep introduced Season Passes to the Destiny 2 universe, with rewards doled out for playing the game and completing bounties.

Many fans didn't like the way it incentivised constant bounty grinding, though, and with the seasonal content changing to offer less in the way of content that can be missed, we'd expect to see big changes. We'll find out more this year with Beyond Light.


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New Features

We don't know what's coming as part of the expansion, but we'd expect the following:

Subclass Changes

Every class is in a constant state of flux in Destiny 2 as they're constantly being balanced, but with Beyond Light introducing the new Stasis damage type to wield, expect more tweaks than usual over the course of the next year


Sandbox Changes

Destiny's "sandbox" is a general way of describing how the game plays, and it'll likely be getting hefty updates with the expansion.

New Raid?

There's a good chance that Lightfall will introduce a new raid, hopefully pitting us against the Darkness at long last.

Old Content Returning From Destiny 1?

At the reveal event, Bungie announced the game's older content will be cycled in and out of Destiny 2. When it's out, it'll be in what's known as the "Destiny Content Vault". This allows Bungie to rework game modes and missions, and also allows for content from Destiny 1 to be cycled into the game.

What Next?

With Witch Queen in 2021 and Lightfall 2022, we're excited to see what could come next for the long-running loot-shooter, but Bungie is understandably not ready to talk about that just yet.

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