Escape from Tarkov 12.6 Patch Notes: Big changes come to survival shooter after "The Wipe"
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Escape from Tarkov 12.6 Patch Notes: Big changes come to survival shooter after "The Wipe"

Lloyd Coombes
1 June 2020

It's a very exciting time in Tarkov.

Escape from Tarkov, the shooter/RPG from Battlestate Games, is becoming increasingly popular among players and streamers alike, offering a hardcore shooter experience with a wealth of tactical depth and addictive looting.

With player progress being reset as part of "The Wipe", developer Battlestate has begun implementing plenty of changes - and patch 0.12.6 is a big one. Here's everything included.

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Escape From Tarkov: Patch 12.6 Notes

As taken from the team's forum post, here are all the changes - with the full patch number being

Posted Wednesday at 09:12 PM
Dear Escapers!

Tomorrow at 11.00 Moscow time, we plan to start installing patch

This will take from 3 to 5 hours, and the game will be stopped for this time.

There will be a global wipe of characters. The wipe will not affect the saved weapon presets and examined items in the handbook.

List of changes:


  • “Captcha” was added to the flea market.
  • If there are suspicious actions at the flea market and in the trade, a captcha may appear.
  • If you enter the captcha incorrectly three times, the account will be blocked from accessing the flea market for 5 minutes, after which you will need to enter the captcha again to buy the item.
  • Each subsequent three times incorrect entry will increase the time of the ban.
  • Access to trading will not be banned, but it will require entering a captcha.
  • All stashes, for all editions, increased by 2 rows (+20 cells)
  • Improved the display of objects via thermal imaging devices. Through thermal imagers, now, as in real life, it is impossible to spot through the glass.
  • Ability to lean while prone
  • Added the first iteration of Steam Audio, aimed at improving the positioning of sound in game, it can be turned on with the option “Steam Audio: Binaural audio” in the game settings. This option is disabled by default.
  • Now you can't sell items that were not found in raid on the flea market . This rule will not apply to weapons.
  • When combining stacks of items found in raid with items not found in raid, all items will receive not found in raid status.
  • Items that are placed in a secured container get the status " found in raid” only when you exfil the location with the status “Survived” (“Ran through” is not counted).
  • When you exit with the status "run through” or death, all items in your inventory that you brought out lose the "found in the raid” status
  • If you enter a raid with items that have the "found in raid” status, the items lose this status.
  • When buying an offer from the flea market, the item also loses the "found in raid” status 
  • The quest reward obtained by completing a quest, crafted in the hideout, the Drops, and items obtained through the scav box will have “found in raid” status
  • All the Fence's goods will not have "found in raid” status 
  • A large number of UI layout edits and UI bug fixes
  • The resource of items (fuel, medicine, etc.) is now displayed in the flea market interface
  • Now the currency icons at the flea market are colored differently
  • 5 new parts for the AR-15/M4, not available from merchants (you will have to search for them on locations and in the inventory of bots)
  • New character tops and bottoms
  • BEAR - top " Tigr”
    BEAR - pants from " Zaslon” equipment kit
    USEC - Urban Responder
    USEC - Deep Recon pants
    Scavs - Motocross Jacket
  • New gear


  • Various CPU optimizations
  • Sound optimizations
  • Optimization of casing, muzzleflashes
  • Optimizing the creation of decals

AI improvements:

  • Improved behavior of ordinary scavs, now they can cooperate
  • Fixed a bug that when a player falls into the bot's legs, the bot can’t hit him
  • Fixed a bug where the Gluhar and his guards did not react to the enemy
  • Fixed a bug where the Gluhar did not react to shots and the death of his guards
  • Fixed a bug where the Shturman's guards did not take their positions
  • The Sturman's guards will no longer rush between points while in peaceful behavior
  • Bots no longer attack a player scav who has killed another player scav (the aggressor)
  • Increased variety of bot patrol routes on locations


  • A bug where the border of the interface elements were twitching
    The mastering counter is now updated during the raid
  • One of the bugs where player did not hear the fall of the grenade
  • Ripples in the FLIR thermal imager
  • Bug that would cause inability to open the inspector of items on quest items
  • One of the bugs of incorrect calculation of the amount of money when purchasing an item
  • Bug when a grenade would not fly through the window if you throw it too close to the window
  • A bug where the character could pass through obstacles if player would switch to melee weapons while checking the weapon's fire mode
  • Bug when the image in the inactive optics was frozen if several sights were installed
  • Bug of inability to complete the quest if the player lost the connection to the server at the time of selecting the quest item
  • Bug when the sight image was frozen after reconnect
  • Visor audibility sounds, prone movement, third-person character shortness of breath
  • Fixed at the flea market:
  • Layering of the offer description in fleamarket UI
  • Bug of deducting twice the number of items from the merchant, when buying two items
  • Bug of overlapping the drop-down list of filters with elements of the offer list interface
  • Improved display of the purchase limit
  • Displaying the maximum number of items when purchasing a single offer with multiple items
  • Bug of inability to buy several items for barter
  • Fixed in presets
  • Bug for selecting blocked offers, if you put a checkbox when purchasing items for a preset “Select all”
  • Flea market interface block, when purchasing preset items, as a result of an error

Various other fixes

    • Bug when a character could move to a prone position while jumping
    • Blocking the examining of items if the player has started examining an item in the handbook
    • Movement bug, when a character could increase their speed as a result of running and jumping
    • A bug where the reconnect while indoors led to the fact that all sounds were not switched as indoor sounds
    • Bug when there was no animation for a melee attack while prone
    • Bug when a broken visor was visible against the background of the preset or modification screens in the Hideout
    • Spamming AI error on the server, related to searching the bot's path
    • Spamming error on the client “Graphics.CopyTexture called with null destination texture” when opening inventory
    • Lack of sound when switching magnification on some scopes
    • Error when the storage time of items in the email displayed a negative value when opening the window or receiving the mail
    • Bug that didn't display the list of friends for invite to the group dialog
    • Bug that caused deleted messages to appear in the dialog after sending new messages
    • Fixed incorrect position of the “Old school" bottom clothing icon
    • Various other bug fixes
      A large number of fixes on locations (culling fixes, physical colliders, visual bugs, etc.)
      Various localization edits
      Various fixes in the animation system
      Various network fixes
      A large number of various technical fixes aimed at increasing the stability of the game


    • Removed the audio notification about the completion of crafting during the raid
    • Now you can't throw grenades while sprinting
    • Changed the conditions for the status “Survived”. Now you need to stay in the raid for at least 10 minutes or gain at least 600 XP before leaving the location.
    • Increased the amount of experience required for the first 20 character levels
    • Simplified Jaeger's quests
    • Changed various old quests, new rewards have been added
    • A large number of rarity edits and chances of items spawn
    • Increased the variety of items spawned in loot containers
    • Improved the quality of loot issued for a successful extraction with a friendly Scav
    • Various changes in the characteristics of items
    • Various changes in the equipment of bots and the player scavs
    • Various changes in loot spawn points locations


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