Pokemon GO: July Community Day 2020: Dates, Times, Tickets, Schedule, Rewards, Bonuses And More!
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Pokemon GO: July Community Day 2020: Dates, Times, Tickets, Schedule, Rewards, Bonuses And More!

Chris Trout
19 May 2020

Details regarding July's Community Day in Pokemon GO have been shared!

Pokemon GO's May Community Day hasn't even begun yet and we're already voting for July's featured Pokemon.

The popular Augmented Reality game is bringing back choice and allowing players to vote for the featured Pokemon during June's Community Day.

Trainers can choose between four Pokemon to feature and the top two Pokemon will be selected as the featured Pokemon for both June and July.

Here are the details for June's Pokemon GO Community Day.

July Community Day 2020 Dates And Times

At this moment in time, the dates are unknown. However, the past few community days have featured towards the end of the month,

We expect Community Day to arrive on Sunday the 26th of July.


Featured Pokemon Voting

The featured Pokemon for July could be either Squirtle, Weedle, Sandshrew, and Gastly.

It's up to the community to decide by voting on the official poll that will be posted on the Pokemon GO Twitter. You will have from Sunday, May 24th, 2020, at 2am BST until Monday, May 25th, 2020, at 2am to cast your vote.

Here are the special moves your evolved Pokemon can learn:

  • Squirtle: Evolve Wartortle (the evolved form of Squirtle) to get a Blastoise that knows the Fighting-type attack Aura Sphere. Currently, an exclusive attack that only Lucario can learn, Aura Sphere will be particularly handy when Blastoise faces off against popular Steel-type Pokémon in the GO Battle League, such as Registeel.
  • Weedle: Evolve Kakuna (the evolved form of Weedle) to get a Beedrill that knows the Ground-type attack Drill Run. The unique type combination of Beedrill’s Bug and Poison types with the Ground-type Drill Run will be sure to inspire some innovative battle strategies.
  • Sandshrew: Sandshrew as originally discovered in the Kanto region will be appearing in the wild and hatching from Eggs. Alolan Sandshrew will be appearing in Raid Battles. Evolve Sandshrew or Alolan Sandshrew to get a Sandslash or Alolan Sandslash that knows the Ghost-type attack Shadow Claw. Shadow Claw will be a welcome addition for both Sandslash, but it will give Alolan Sandslash a new Fast Attack that both charges Charged Attacks faster and is more powerful than Powder Snow.
  • Gastly: Evolve Haunter (the evolved form of Gastly) to get a Gengar that knows the Ghost-type attack Shadow Punch. Shadow Punch’s ability to charge up quickly will give Gengar a useful attack to trick your opponent into using their Protect Shields. This can leave you with an opening to pull off more powerful attacks later, like Shadow Ball!


July Community Day 2020 Features And Content

  • Increased spawns of featured Pokemon in the wild.
  • Increased featured Pokemon shiny encounters.
  • Evolve featured Pokemon during the event or two hours after to get a Pokemon that knows a unique move.

July Community Day Bonuses

  • 3 x Catch XP
  • Incense activated during the event will last for three hours
  • Buddy Pokemon with a Buddy level of "Great Buddy" or higher will bring you helpful items, such as Poke Balls, through the event.