COD Mobile Season 7 "Radioactive Agent" LEAKS: Release Date, Patch Notes, Battle Pass Rewards, Skins, Zombies, Weapons And More
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COD Mobile Season 7 "Radioactive Agent" LEAKS: Release Date, Patch Notes, Battle Pass Rewards, Skins, Zombies, Weapons And More

Jonno Nicholson
11 June 2020

Here is what we know about season seven so far!

Season 7 of COD Mobile has arrived and will usher in plenty of changes to the multiplayer and Battle Royale mode.

Find out everything we know so far about season seven!

Latest News

Roadmap - 12th June

Patch Notes - 11th June

The patch notes for the latest season are now LIVE - you can find them here.

Season 7 Cinematics - 10th June

Zombies Returning? - 1st June

Could Zombies return to COD Mobile? The mode was controversially taken out of the game earlier this year and will be removed for the forseeable future.

Could it be on its way back now with Nuketown arriving as a featured map?

Photo via @CODM_EclipzeG

Battle Pass Rewards - 1st June

Season 7's battle pass rewards appear to have been revealed early thanks to @M2Games2



Buffs And Nerfs - 30th May

New Battle Royale Map Trailer - 30th May

Season 7 Battle Pass Character Skins - 27th May

Credit: CODM_Updates

HBR Skin "Skull & Blood" - 27th May

According to CODM_Updates theres A High Chance This HBR Skin Will Be The Next Season Reward For Multiplayer.

Release Date

The new season is now live as of the 12th June; the Season 6 Battle Pass ends on June 1st, meaning the season will start shortly after.

Patch updates usually arrive on a Friday, before the new season.

Patch Notes

New Battle Pass and Ranked Series 5 starts on June 12th (UTC)

  • New ranked mode seasonal rewards
  • New rare weapon: Skulls & Blood HBRa3
  • New epic weapon: Wasteland MSMC
  • New epic soldier: Skulls & Blood Battery
  • Improved experience of Ranked Mode
  • Improved score earning rules for MP mode: Defeating higher ranker now provides extra rank scores
  • Improved matchmaking rules for MP based on player performance
  • Optimized MP Rank UI
  • Improved score earning rules for Battle Royale rank
  • New Premium Battle Pass Rewards
  • New epic soldiers: Ghost – Hazmat & Krueger – Alchemist
  • New epic weapon: QQ9 – Flood
  • New epic Barricade themed weapons
  • New Free Battle Pass Rewards
  • New base SMG: QQ9. Fully automatic with good accuracy. Effective at close to medium range
  • New Scorestreak: Cluster Strike. Causes continuous missile bombardment to a designated location
  • New Event rewards
  • New challenges and missions with new rewards
  • New Battle Royale class: Smoke Bomber.
    • Active skill throws a smoke grenade which releases multiple smoke bombs on a target area. Smoke Perspective passive skill the reveals enemies in smoke and increases movement speed if attacked while running.
  • New base LMG: Chopper. Fully automatic with a high rate of fire. Effective at medium to long range
  • New epic weapon and epic character
  • UI optimized
  • New layout for Battle Pass: Improved user experience and ease of reward information
  • New cosmetic: Calling Card
    • The classic cosmetic of the Call of Duty franchise is now available in Call of Duty: Mobile. Players now can collect calling cards through multiple ways, including missions and challenges. Unlock and equip your favorites in your player profile!
  • New Featured Game Modes!
    • Attack of the Undead: All players start as survivors, but one will become the Undead. The Undead can revive unlimited times, and survivors become the Undead if they are killed. Stay as a survivor and fight to the end, or become an undead and hunt down all survivors?
    • Available on Tunisia, Standoff, Summit, Raid, Crash
  • New Training Mode!
    • Test out all weapons provided and improve your skills without any interruption in the practice range!
  • New Maps
  • Tunisia, the Beach town
    • Available for Search & Destroy, Domination, Attack of the Undead
  • Gulag, popular map from CoD: Modern Warfare
    • Available for 1v1 Duel, Gunfight
  • Battle Royale Updates
    • New zones Black Market, Downtown, Sanitarium, Ski Town, Frigid Wetlands, Harbor, Heat, coming with tundra vegetation.
    • Check out vending machines in Black Market, the secret room in Sanitarium, and the Ball room in downtown. Surprises await!
  • New vehicle: Tank
    • A real tracked destroyer, with 120mm smoothbore gun and powerful heavy machinegun. Tank will join the battlefield via special airdrop which arrived in mid or late game. Notice that explosive weapons deal destructive damage to the back of the tank. Take advantage of it!
  • New Weapons
    • Man O War assault rifle and DLQ33 sniper rifle
    • New legendary weapon Tempest. Generates an explosion of lightning that paralyzes the enemy.
  • New attachments
    • Tactical Flashlight. Blinds enemy in front of you at close range while ADS'ing.

    • Dead Silence Suppressor. When firing, your location is not indicated on enemy mini map

    • Iron Hand stock. Increases movement speed while aiming and keeps stability even when attacked.

  • Improvements And Optimizations
    • Multiplayer
      • Reduced War Machine duration, rate of fire, and range

      • Reduced Gravity Spikes energy regeneration % after killing enemies, longer charging time needed, increased jumping height

      • Slightly reduced Purifier damage over time

      • Reduced Death Machine close-range damage, and slightly reduced the movement speed and rate of fire

      • Increased Annihilator bullet tracking range, rate of fire and ADS speed, reduced damage to Scorestreaks

      • Reduced Shock RC HP, electric shock duration, higher score is required, and players can escape from paralyze more easily. Number of Shock RCs on the same team is limited. The broadcast will not be triggered as frequently

      • Slightly increased HP of Sentry Gun

      • Slightly increased HP of SAM Turret

      • Reduced Pharo stability, and damage when hitting limbs

      • Increased ICR rate of fire, reduced stability and accuracy

      • Increased M4 rate of fire, reduced range and accuracy

      • Slightly increased Man O War stability

      • Slightly increased MSMC mobility

      • Increased Outlaw close-range damage

      • Increased Combat Axe flight distance, and optimized quick throw animation

      • When the Flak Jacket perk is equipped, the explosion time is reset when throwing back enemy grenades

      • When the Persistence perk is equipped, every Scoresreak can only be used once in a single game

      • Optimized quick throw animation for Lethal equipment and Tactical equipment

      • Optimized all melee weapon hitboxes

      • Capture location progress is more visible on mini map and icons on Domination

      • Optimized the capture location boundary indicator on Hardpoint

      • Optimized weapon set activation indicator

      • Perks will be deactivated in Duel mode. Secondary weapon will be unavailable when choosing sniper rifle.

      • Fixed issue with presenting wrong death area in Crossfire/Summit

      • Fixed issue in ranked where full premade groups would match against multiple solo players. Premade teams of five will only match against other premade teams or four or five.

    • Battle Royale
      • Reduced HP and the movement speed slowing effect of Mechanic’s EMP drone. Increased charging time

      • Increased XPR50 and M21EBR stability when firing

      • Optimized weapons’ firing and reloading animation

      • Adjusted the difficulty of obtaining powerful weapons

      • Increased Annihilator rate of fire. .45 ammo is now available for Annihilator

      • Aerial platform zipline would appear earlier in game

      • Locations with better loot is now chosen at random and shown on the mini map

      • Players can toggle Vest (LV3) display in settings

      • Updated Battle Royale lobby

      • Updated Vest (LV3) visuals

      • Optimized compass UI, sounds of firing will be shown on the compass

      • Optimized visual effect for throwing Lethal and Tactical equipment

      • Optimized Warfare broadcast

      • Optimized medicine recommendation logic

      • Improved models of items on ground

      • Fixed issue with safe zone border being invisible on snow

      • Fixed issue with unnatural camera trembling for vehicle passengers

    • System And Client
      • Optimized invite list. Recent players will be shown on invite list. Recent players, friends and clan will be shown in one tab

      • Added Quick join feature in quick team. Now players can conveniently join teams that meet their requirements

      • Brand new chat window, quick team feature optimized. Quick team message and chat message will be displayed in two separated windows, and players can find qualified quick teams through the filter

      • Improved Double XP indicators during 2XP events, in both match start and after match reports.


Battle Pass

COD Mobile Season 7 Battle Pass

After a user expressed their annoyance of all the colourful cosmetics in COD: Mobile on Reddit, Activision revealed further details surrounding the release of next season’s Battle Pass.

They announced that it will be “military-focused.” Expect plenty of more traditional looking camos and skins in season seven.

The Battle Pass typically releases two days after the new season update, which is normally available on a Friday.


New Maps

In January, Activision launched a community poll discussing which fan-favourite maps players would like to see in COD: Mobile. Out of the five maps selected, Rust was released in season six, leaving Terminal, Shipment, Dome and Highrise left.

It is rumoured that Shipment will be the latest map to be added to the Multiplayer map pool. The map appeared in a pre-alpha gameplay trailer, before it was released, so it is likely that the close-quarters map is still in the game files.

Many community members expected this map to arrive last season.

There are also maps called Tunisia, Highrise and Gulag still yet to be released.


COD Mobile Season 7 Scorestreaks

Screenshots have emerged showing a brand-new scorestreak coming to COD Mobile.

Judging from the small image, it resembles the Cluster Strike killstreak from Modern Warfare. It is likely that it will be making its appearance onto the global servers at some point during the next season.

The Lightning Strike has still yet to be added to the game, despite many screenshots showing it in-game.



The HBRa3 is widely considered as one of the strongest Assault Rifles in COD: Mobile. Only available by purchasing it through the in-game store, it is expected that a free version of the weapon will be coming to the game as part of season seven.

COD Mobile HBRa3 free

Alongside the HBRa3, leaks suggest that the M249 SAW will be making its debut on COD: Mobile in the upcoming season.

COD Mobile Season 7 new weapons

All the way back in Season 4, @CODM_Updates shared a number of new weapons that they believed should have arrived in Season 4 - it could be these weapons appear in Season 5 at some point.

  • NA-45
  • GPAS-12
  • MP7
  • H28

The KRM-262, a pump-action shotgun from Black Ops 3, was found in the game files of COD Mobile with no official release date.

The G36 has also been spotted in test servers and has asked for feedback from players.

@CODMobile_ES has also shown the model for an MP5 weapon.

Weapon Modification System

COD Mobile Season 7 weapon modification

According to popular COD: Mobile leaker @CODM_murdablast, a system where players can modify their weapons in some capacity is in the works.

In a Reddit post, Activision stated that it is “too early” to reveal the new system. Could it be arriving in time for the launch of the new season?!



Unfortunately, COD Zombies was removed in Season 4 (on the 25th March).

Although it's not out of the question for it to make a return at a later date, it's unlikely to resurface in Season 6. The COD Mobile team have stated that the game is not up to their standards and has been removed for the forseeable future.

Data-miners reportedly found game files for Richtofen, one of the four main protagonists in COD: Mobile Zombies, which was removed in March.

The return of Richtofen may signify a return of the popular game mode in season seven or Richtofen may just be present as a playable character for Multiplayer and Battle Royale. It is too early to tell whether Zombies could be coming back.

If it does return we can look forward to maps such as Nacht Der Untoten (which has been confirmed to be in development) and Tranzit (which has still yet to release despite footage of it being online).

Battle Royale

On May 6th, @CODM_murdablast leaked six brand-new locations arriving onto the Battle Royale map.


These locations are expected to be added onto the map as part of the season seven update set to go live at the beginning of June.

Alongside new locations, season seven is to bring the Man-O-War and DL Q33 weapons to BR.

Training Mode

A new training mode is being added to COD Mobile - here's the mini map for it.


CODM_murdablast has found an emblem resembling the overkill perk, and has said 'I'm not sure, whether it's old or new, but I found it in the game files'

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