Apex Legends Season 5: How To Self Revive
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Apex Legends Season 5: How To Self Revive

Lloyd Coombes
12 May 2020

Looking to get back in the fight without relying on your squad? Here's how to self-revive.

Apex Legends Season 5 kicks off today, and that means there are some big changes coming – including new character Loba, new map changes, and of course, plenty of secrets

Fed up of relying on your teammates to revive you? You can do it yourself – IF you have the right equipment. Here's how to do it.

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Apex Legends: How to self-revive

To self-revive, you'll need the Legendary Knockdown Shield. It's rare, so don't expect to find one in every game.

If you're desperate for one, try more dangerous and crowded areas, or supply drops.

Once you have it equipped, you'll be able to self-revive (but only once!) when you receive a prompt on the screen once you've been downed. Use it wisely, though – there's no point reviving yourself while surrounded by teams, so try and find a safe spot.

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