Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster: Everything we know, release date, platforms, trailer and more
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Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster: Everything we know, release date, platforms, trailer and more

Lloyd Coombes
11 May 2020

Mass Effect could be making its return sooner than anticipated.

Mass Effect, Bioware's epic sci-fi RPG franchise, could be returning in the coming months as part of a remastered version of the game's initial trilogy.

While Mass Effect: Andromeda was poorly received by fans and critics alike, many will have fond memories of Commander Shepherd's adventures that originally debuted on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Here's everything we know about the package so far.

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What is the Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster?

Mass Effect and its two sequels are RPGs from Bioware, and are widely regarded as some of the best games of the PS3 and Xbox 360 generation.

With a mix of action-focused combat, deep choice-based narrative and an eclectic cast of characters, the series is arguably the developer's most popular series. 

After the disappointing Mass Effect: Andromeda in 2017, the franchise was allegedly put on ice, but EA's financial report for FY2020 revealed an unannounced project known as "HD game".

Jeff Grubb from GamesBeat has since confirmed that the title is in fact an HD remaster of the original trilogy.

Release Date

At the time of writing, we know that the title is expected to release between now and March 2021. With November 7 often referred to as "Mass Effect Day", we have to wonder if EA will aim for somewhere around that date.

Confirmed Platforms

According to Jeff Grubb, the game is not being considered for Nintendo Switch – at least not at present. That's a shame, as we'd love to take the Normandy and its crew on the go (when we can go out, that is).

As far as other platforms go, we'd expect the game to launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but we can only speculate as to whether it'll come to next-gen platforms (although backwards compatibility might make that the new standard).

It's worth noting that the Xbox 360 versions of the trilogy, as well as all of the included DLC, can be played via Xbox backwards compatibility.

Gameplay Reveal

We can't wait to see Commander Shepherd and crew looking all shiny, but for the time being we've got the epic trailer for Mass Effect 3 below.