Call of Duty Warzone Easter Egg: How To Access The Vault In Warzone With The Red Access Card
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Call of Duty Warzone Easter Egg: How To Access The Vault In Warzone With The Red Access Card

Chris Trout
20 May 2020

New Red Access Card items are being found in Warzone that could hint towards an easter egg.

Since the 1.20 update, players were finding new additions to the Warzone Battle Royale mode in the form of Red Access Cards - now players are able to use them to access Vaults.

With the recent 1.21 patch update, you can now use those key cards and access the vault.

Here's how to complete this Warzone Easter Egg.

How To Open The Vault Doors In Warzone

Here's how to open the vault doors in Warzone:

  1. Find a key card in Warzone
  2. Head to a vault
  3. Interact with the small button that is to the right of the vault door
  4. Wait for the vault to open up

Key cards can be found in select loot boxes - they are VERY rare to find.

The key cards will only work on vault doors 0, 4, 5, 6 and 9.

Inside the vault is TONS of loot including weapons, cash, streaks and more.

Key cards are not specific like they are in other games, one key card will access any vault.

Warzone Easter Egg

Rumours about an easter egg within the map have been bubbling for a number of weeks, since its launch in March.

With the Bunkers now being accessible, a few other clues are now popping up around the map.

@ModernWarzone has alerted the community that there is an interactable red button.

The doors for Bunker 11 appear to have a war room, server room, mist room, and more. Along with a big shiny red button in the war room and a nuclear warhead inside of the bunker!

How To Access Bunker 11

The mysterious Bunker 11 that holds the nuke has been accessed and players can now do it themselves.

Here's how to access the secret vault in Warzone.

This is likely the first part of a much larger easter egg!

It's been stated that Fortnite like events will arrive in Warzone in due course, so could this have something to do with it?

The next stage for Modern Warfare and Warzone is Season 4 - could this be where we get our answer? New locations are still yet to be revealed according to the official strategy guide and we're expecting answers to arrive soon.

One Twitter user has updated the locations of objects within the map.

Photo via @ItsNkots