The Last of Us 2: How long is it, and how many chapters are there?

The Last of Us 2 is aiming to be a bigger game than its predecessor. Here's what we know.

The Last of Us 2 is finally launching in June, bringing with it a new story for Ellie and Joel.

Wondering how long it'll be? Here's how much bang you can get for your buck.

The Last of Us Part 2: How long is it?

The Last of Us 2's co-writer Halley Gross spoke to GamerBraves back in 2019 and had the following to say.

"The game I think we're saying is about 50% bigger, but it is massive, not just in length, but in like, all of our levels are bigger and wider, we have more cinematics, we have more characters, we have more animations. We have larger melee systems. In every way, the game is bigger and better."

In our experience, the game can be completed in around 25 hours on normal difficulty, rising to 30 on higher settings.

In terms of chapters, the game takes place over the course of three days.

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