Pokemon Go Elite TM Guide – How to get them, what they are and what they do
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Pokemon Go Elite TM Guide – How to get them, what they are and what they do

Lloyd Coombes
28 April 2020

Pokemon Go trainers have another new tool to use. Here's what Elite TMs offer.

Pokemon Go is one of the world's most popular mobile games, with hundreds of monsters to catch hidden around the real world.

Once you've caught them you can use Technical Machines (TMs) to teach them new battle moves, but new Elite TMs are a huge new addition.

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Pokemon Go: What are Elite TMs

Elite TMs are essentially TMs except you can now pick which moves you get to choose. That means you'll no longer be burning through other TMs to get the move you want.

Not only can you use them to pick from standard moves, but "Legacy" moves, too – as in moves that were exclusive to an event in the past.

There are Elite TMs for both Fast and Charge moves.

How to get Elite TMs

You can get Elite TMs in some boxes that are purchased in the shops, but you can also find them offered as incentives for reaching certain ranks.

As of writing, they can't be purchased outright.

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