Destiny 2 is banning cheaters – and anyone that runs with them
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Destiny 2 is banning cheaters – and anyone that runs with them

Lloyd Coombes
24 April 2020

Bungie is swinging the banhammer, and there are some new changes you should be aware of.

Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy is in full swing, bringing back Trials of Osiris and introducing the Guardians Games this week, too.

With Destiny 2 offering plenty of tough "aspirational" content that offers the best gear and rewards, a cottage industry has grown whereby players can spend money to have their account used by an expert player, be that to earn Raid loot, go "flawless" in Trials of Osiris, or earn pinnacle weapons.

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While many of these "booster" services are simply very good at the game, some undoubtedly lean on in-game glitches to guarantee results. 

Bungie is aware of these operations and has laid out a warning in this week's blog post confirming that it'll ban players benefitting from cheating – meaning they'll ban your account even if you'd paid to have someone else use it, or even ban you for teaming up with someone cheating.

As you'd imagine, you should stay vigilant and report anyone you see cheating – even if they're on your team. Otherwise, you might be hit with the banhammer and it's likely to hurt even more than a Sunbreaker Titan's Hammer of Sol.

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