MW2 Campaign Remastered Walkthrough: The Enemy Of My Enemy Mission Walkthrough Veteran Difficulty
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MW2 Campaign Remastered Walkthrough: The Enemy Of My Enemy Mission Walkthrough Veteran Difficulty

Jonno Nicholson
23 April 2020

With Task Force 141 left in ruin after the events of Loose Ends, The Enemy of My Enemy gets straight back into the action. Find some handy tips along with a complete walkthrough of the mission.

The remastered campaign from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is out right now on PS4 and is soon coming to Xbox and PC, releasing on April 30th.

In this article, find a complete walkthrough of the “The Enemy of my Enemy” mission along with some handy tips to complete this mission on the highest difficulty.

Mission Walkthrough

MW2 campaign remastered the enemy of my enemy walkthrough

With Ghost and Roach succumbing to Shepherd’s betrayal in Russia, you jump straight into the mission where Soap and Price are pinned down in the boneyard.

Now playing as Soap and under siege from both Makarov’s and Shepherd’s forces begin to make your way to the extraction point by navigating your way past both sets of opposition.

MW2 campaign remastered the enemy of my enemy veteran guide

Let them take each other out as much as possible allowing you to remain relatively undetected as you begin to push through the boneyard. While you begin to move, Price manages to contact Makarov over the radio.


TIP: There is plenty of cover to utilise in the boneyard, use it if you get overwhelmed by a large group of enemies but do not stay there for too long otherwise you will be taken down.

As the opposition forces continue to wage war around you, keep heading west by crossing the road after the SUV and the BTR have made their way past your location.

MW2 campaign remastered the enemy of my enemy mission guide

Around 50 metres away from the objective, you will encounter heavy resistance halting your progress.

Keep moving as quickly as possible through the final part of the boneyard to meet up with Price, who has acquired an armoured truck to get to Nikolai’s plane quicker.

TIP: While riding shotgun, keep focused on the enemy vehicles armed with machine guns on the back trying to take you down before you reach the runway.

MW2 Campaign Remastered the enemy of my enemy mission walkthrough veteran

You make it to the runway and Price orders Nikolai to lower the ramp. As you get closer to the ramp, the driver of the vehicle gets shot, forcing you to take control of the wheel.

Aim for the ramp and as the truck enters, you pull the handbrake before crashing into the plane.



Obtainable Trophies/Achievements

  • Out of the Frying Pan – Complete the mission in the airplane graveyard.
  • Queen takes Rook – Complete “Loose Ends” and “The Enemy of My Enemy” on Veteran difficulty.

Intel Locations

  • Intel #1 – At the beginning of the mission, head left into the plane wreckage. The laptop is inside the cockpit. 
  • Intel #2 - At 115 meters from the objective, a burning front end of a plane will be on your left. The laptop is on a step inside the wreck.

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