Valorant: Earn $100k by finding exploits in the game's anti-cheat software
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Valorant: Earn $100k by finding exploits in the game's anti-cheat software

Lloyd Coombes
20 April 2020

Valorant's anti-cheat measures are impressively comprehensive – but finding a loophole could earn you a big payout.

Valorant, Riot Games' class-based tactical shooter, is gaining in popularity, leading to many calling it the next big esport.

Of course, like any esport it's important to prevent cheating, and Valorant uses a program called Vanguard to achieve this. You can find more about it here. In fact, developers Riot Games have stated it is "committed to achieving the highest competitive integrity in our games. We want you to play in a world where you never have to doubt your abilities or your opponent’s".

As part of HackerOne, Riot has revealed a "bug bounty" for the game and the Vanguard software – if you can find an exploit "leveraging the Vanguard kernel driver", Riot will pay up to $100,000. That's a big payday, and you'll help the game remain tougher to crack. A section of the HackerOne page is below, but you can find more info here.

"Alongside our new game VALORANT, we have deployed our new anti-cheat solution Vanguard that leverages a kernel driver to combat cheaters more effectively. To reinforce our commitment to our players' security, we are offering special bounties for up to $100,000 for high-quality reports that demonstrate practical exploits leveraging the Vanguard kernel driver."

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