Valorant: How to Ping enemies and locate them for teammates
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Valorant: How to Ping enemies and locate them for teammates

Lloyd Coombes
2 June 2020

Valorant adopts a similar Ping system to the one popularised by Apex Legends. Here's how it works.

Valorant, Riot Games' class-based tactical shooter, has finally launched.

Borrowing an idea from Apex Legends, Valorant offers a Ping system that can be a little confusing at first – here's our guide.

Valorant Ping System Guide

Valorant's ping system is an ideal way of communicating without resorting to text chat in the middle of a firefight, or if you're not comfortable chatting using a mic.

To ping, just hit your Ping key (Z by default) and whatever you're aiming at will be highlighted for a teammate. Of course, in more lethal scenarios you're more likely to head straight to firing your weapon, but it's nice to know the option is there.

You can customise hotkeys on a per-Ping basis (say that ten times fast), so you can set one for when you're requesting support, or to tell players to be cautious.

If you do have an extra second or two, you can bring up the Ping Wheel with the key you assign and can then find Combat, Social and Strategic Pings. Here are some images courtesy of Riot's official Valorant pages.

Courtesy of Riot Games

Courtesy of Riot Games

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