Resident Evil 8 coming next year with huge changes according to leaker
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Resident Evil 8 coming next year with huge changes according to leaker

Lloyd Coombes
1 April 2020

Resident Evil 3 launches this week, but could Resident Evil 8 be revealed very soon?

Resident Evil 3 Remake may be launching this week, but Capcom is allegedly already approaching the reveal of a new mainline title – potentially Resident Evil 8.

The news comes from a fairly reputable leaker known as Dusk Golem (@AesthethicGamer1), who previously noted that Resident Evil 8 had been rebooted during development – meaning earlier rumours of werewolves and witches might be wide of the mark.

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In a new series of tweets, Dusk Golem refers to the game as "2021 RE game" and suggests that it has been in development since late 2016 – meaning it's been in development for around three and a half years already. The development cycle has been compared to Resident Evil 3's, but in what way we don't know yet.

They also note that "the announcement for it will be really soon, and it's by far the biggest departure the series has ever taken to the point I expect a lot of people will be p***ed (sic) off".

"Internal testing and the like show it's high quality game (sic)".

So a 2021 Resident Evil game could be incoming, but the comparisons to the original Resident Evil 3's development cycle has us intrigued. That game was rebooted during development and originally focused on Hunk carrying the G-Virus on a luxury cruise liner.

Allegedly this was done because the original incarnation would have been released on PS1 when the PS2 had already launched – could a similar thing have happened with the upcoming hardware?

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