Final Fantasy 7 Remake: All confirmed characters for huge PS4 RPG
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Final Fantasy 7 Remake: All confirmed characters for huge PS4 RPG

Lloyd Coombes
1 April 2020

Final Fantasy 7 Remake launches on April 10 on PlayStation 4, and if the demo is anything to go by, it'll be stunning – pushing the console to its absolute limits.

One of the most exciting parts of this reimagining is the possibility of seeing old characters as you've never seen them before.

Here are the confirmed characters so far.

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Final Fantasy 7: Remake Confirmed Main Characters

Cloud Strife

The game's protagonist, Cloud wields his Buster Sword and is a 'strong, silent' type of character. He's got some demons in his past, that's for sure.

Barret Wallace

A no-nonsense leader of the AVALANCHE group, Barrett's gun-arm is just as lethal as it was back in 1997.

Barrett's voice-acting has come in for some criticism

Aerith Gainsborough

A flower saleswoman with more power than she knows, Aerith has a major role to play in the original's story – will the same be true of the remake?

Tifa Lockhart

Cloud's childhood friend and a member of AVALANCHE, Tifa is a fierce fighter that specialises in hand-to-hand combat.


A 'big cat' of sorts, Red is from Cosmos Canyon and was experimented on by Shinra, the shadowy organisation we'll be taking down.

Get ready for some epic fights


A legendary (and terrifying) soldier, Sephiroth is one of the most powerful beings in the world of FF7. He's bound to be a tough adversary.

Elsewhere, the likes of the Shinra President and Jessie are back, as well as Biggs and Wedge.