Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Is huge PS4 title ever coming to Xbox One or PC?
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Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Is huge PS4 title ever coming to Xbox One or PC?

Lloyd Coombes
24 March 2020

We're just weeks away from Final Fantasy 7 Remake's release, but will non-PS4 gamers ever get to play it on Xbox or PC?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake launches on April 10 on PlayStation 4, but many people will be wondering if it'll be making its way to Xbox or PC.

The original game is now available on both, as well as the Nintendo Switch, but the remake is only coming to PS4 so far.

Here's all we know so far.

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Is Final Fantasy 7: Remake coming to Xbox One or PC?

A little while back, the Xbox Germany Facebook account suggested that the FF7 Remake would make it to Microsoft's platform on March 3, 2020.

While the game was delayed on PS4, the deletion of the post suggests this was either revealed too soon, or (more likely) was just flatly wrong.

In a statement to IGN, Square confirmed that the release is only scheduled for PlayStation 4, and there are "no plans for other platforms". 

Of course, it could be a 'timed' exclusive, but considering the Remake's reveal at a Sony press conference, there's a chance it may never come to Xbox (or PC). We'll update you as soon as hear more.

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