PUBG Season 7: Tips And Tricks For PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds For PC, Xbox One And PS4
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PUBG Season 7: Tips And Tricks For PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds For PC, Xbox One And PS4

Ben Sledge
22 March 2020

PUBG Season 7 is right around the corner - follow these tips to win that Chicken Dinner!

PUBG Season 7 is fast approaching, and we can't wait! However, if you're feeling a little nervous about what's in store, just follow our simple tips to do well!

Learn where the best loot is, how to start the battle effectively, and some more accomplished tactics here.

Here are our tips and tricks to get those chicken dinners!

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Where To Drop

Where to drop in PUBG Season 7.

Where you land is the first key part of any PUBG match. Although it depends on your map, generally dropping in the centre gives you a better positioning to navigate the circle. You don't want to get caught in the gas!

For Miramar, drop in the busy Los Leones or Pecado for the best loot - and a big fight!

Similarly busy in Erangel is Pochinki, although outliers like Mylta Power or Military Base can provide adequate loot.


In Vikendi, drop centrally at Podvosto - but avoid the Castle.

In PUBG's smallest map, Sanhok, dropping centrally can be dangerous. Due to its size, we recommend dropping towards the edge and heading in once you picked up some loot.

Find our in-depth landing guide for even more extensive tips on landing zones in PUBG Season 7.

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Best Weapons

PUBG Season 7 tips and tricks - best weapons.

Look to the supply crates dropping from the sky for the best loot. These will be hotly contested, but nothing can stop you once you've grabbed an AWM or GROZA.

Other than that, load up on attachments for an Assault Rifle and make sure it's set to automatic fire. We recommend the M416.


Other options are a fully-kitted UZI or an AKM. Other than that, just pick something you're comfortable with and play it safe.

We've got a full tier list of every weapon in PUBG Season 7 for you to check out if you want more information.

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General Tips

PUBG Season 7 tips and tricks

Communication with teammates is key. Don't go off on your own, as you'll just get killed by a cooperating team of four.

Supply crates offer the best loot - but watch out for snipers.


Sharing is caring! Share your medkits and ammunition with teammates.

Keep an eye on the circle, especially if you're landing somewhere towards the edge of the map.

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Don't Do This

PUBG Season 7 tips and tricks

We'll reiterate: don't go off on your own. It won't work, so stay with your team.

Don't land in the busiest areas unless you're confident in your abilities. It's a high-risk strategy that rewards the best players.

Don't be an idiot on voice chat. Nobody wants to hear you shouting and raging. Chill out, it's just a game. If you feel yourself getting worked up, take a break.