The Last Of Us Part 2: New footage revealed, and gamers aren't happy
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The Last Of Us Part 2: New footage revealed, and gamers aren't happy

Lloyd Coombes
19 March 2020

The Last Of Us Part 2 is shambling closer, but fans have taken to Twitter to express some disappointment.

The Last of Us 2 is coming, with the huge PlayStation exclusive launching on May 29th.

Despite that being almost two months away, gamers are already annoyed about some footage of the game (because it's not like the internet to get mad about something). 

What's going on?

Gamers unhappy with The Last Of Us Part 2 Footage

Naughty Dog's latest tweet, seen below, revealed a snippet of TLOU2 gameplay that shows how Ellie is now able to jump and mantle to offer more combat options.

Check out the tweet for a gameplay snippet

For fans of the original, this is mana from heaven – Ellie was notoriously unable to swim, so here's hoping that jumping isn't the only trick she's learned.

So what's upset everyone?

While many are noting that a 'jump' action is arguably long-overdue, many are strangely fixated on the snow deformation shown in the video.

Considering the developer's recent issues with crunch, and the fact that this footage is likely from a six-month-old build of the game, jumping on the bandwagon to question Naughty Dog's animation credentials seems foolhardy.

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