Rainbow Six Siege: Get Renown guide – what is it, how to get it?
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Rainbow Six Siege: Get Renown guide – what is it, how to get it?

Lloyd Coombes
6 March 2020

What is Renown in Rainbow Six Siege, and what does it do? Here's our guide.

Rainbow Six: Siege gets a huge new update next month with Operation Void Edge, but if you're new you may be wondering what Renown is.

Renown is a currency that is earned while playing the game, and can be boosted with consumable items offered as bonuses or through R6 Credits – the real-world currency of the game.

Here's how to earn Renown, and what you can use it for.

Rainbow Six Siege: How to earn Renown

Renown is the way you'll unlock the game's content, and you can earn it in plenty of different ways.

Completing multiplayer matches is the main way of accruing Renown, and you get some for completing the Situations single-player missions too (with 200 Renown awarded per star ranking).

You can also gain Renown when completing Terrorist Hunt matches, and earn 200 Renown when watching Tutorial videos too.

Finally, both Daily in-game challenges and weekly Ubisoft Club challenges will dish our Renown.


Rainbow Six Siege: What does Renown buy?

In truth, everything good in Rainbow Six: Siege needs to be earned with Renown.

While players will need to spend R6 Credits to earn much of the cosmetic upgrades in the game, Renown can be used to buy new Operators to play as, along with attachments for existing ones.

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