Modern Warfare: Playlist Update And Mace Operator (3rd March)
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Modern Warfare: Playlist Update And Mace Operator (3rd March)

Chris Trout
3 March 2020

Modern Warfare will get a new playlist update this week! Here's what to expect for the 3rd March.

Modern Warfare will be getting a fresh playlist update for this week (beginning the 2nd March).

Activision have released a new blog post detailing what to expect this week.

Although many are expecting an announcement for the new Battle Royale Mode (Call of Duty: Warzone) many may be disappointed.

03/03/20 Patch Notes

March 3rd saw another MW update with some nerfs here and some buffs there.

In addition to the new playlists that you can find below, there have been a few other changes.

3v3 Gunfight

The 3v3 snipers only version of Gunfight has been replaced by the more traditional Gunfight whilst retaining the same number of players.

Shoot the Ship 24/7

Shoot the Ship has replaced Dirty Old House Boat as the game's 24/7 map 

Boots on the Ground War

This will be an updated Ground War match with no tanks and removed Realism rules.


In this bundle, you can bag yourself a dino sticker, charm, calling card, and more. 

Possibly the strangest addition in the bundle, is the Tomogunchi, a digital pet for your wrist (basically a Tamagotchi watch).

The trailer says that players will be able to pick from a variety of pets, feed them and watch them evolve. 

On a day that fans were expecting some information on the highly-anticipated Call of Duty: Warzone, instead, were given a digital pet, which begs the question... Are we being trolled? 

Gunfight 1v1 Playlist And Trios Return

You can test your skills in an updated 1v1 playlist and the return of Gunfight trios.

Battle with a variety of random weapons on small battlefields including the newly added Bazaar.


Mace Operator

Get Mace a deadly new Operator for the Allegiance Forces.

The Mace Operator Bundle includes the ‘Metal Phantom’ Operator skin, two weapon blueprints, the ‘Mace to the Face’ Finishing Move, two-tier skips, and more. Mace is available now in the Modern Warfare Store.

1v1 Me Bro Playlist

Jump into the updated 1v1 Me Bro playlist where the radar is permanently on.

We'll update this article if more information arrives at 6pm.

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