Valorant: All Confirmed Weapons And Buy Menu Prices
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Valorant: All Confirmed Weapons And Buy Menu Prices

Chris Trout
2 June 2020

Here are all of the weapons so far and the confirmed prices for the new FPS from Riot Games - Valorant

Valorant, previously known as Project A, has finally launched, meaning you can lock and load now for free.

In most of the trailer we've only seen a few weapons and guns, so what other ones are there?

So far there appears to be 17 weapons in the game and there are six categories:

  • Rifles
    • Bulldog (costs 2,100)
    • Guardian (costs 2,700)
    • Phantom (costs 2,900)
    • Vandal
  • SMGs
    • Stinger (costs 1,000)
    • Spectre (costs 1,600)
  • Shotguns
    • Bucky (costs 900)
    • Judge (costs 1,500)
  • Snipers
    • Marshal (costs 1,100)
    • Operator (4,500)
  • Heavy
    • Ares (costs 1,700)
    • Odin (costs 3,200)
  • Sidearms
    • Classic
    • Shorty (costs 200)
    • Frenzy (costs 400)
    • Ghost (costs 500)
    • Sheriff (costs 800)

You can also buy Light Shields for 400 and Heavy Shields.

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