How To Rank Up Fast In Modern Warfare
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How To Rank Up Fast In Modern Warfare

Jonno Nicholson
27 February 2020

With season two in full swing, players are looking to get back to the top rank quickly. In this article, find the very best ways to level up fast in Modern Warfare!

Season 2 is in full swing and all players are restarting the grind after Officer Ranks were reset back to level 55 at the start of the season - so how can you rank up fast?

There are various ways to level up quickly on Modern Warfare’s multiplayer and if you’re looking to level up quickly and efficiently, we have some very handy tips.

In this article, find the fastest ways to level up fast on Modern Warfare.

How To Rank Up Fast In Modern Warfare

    Complete Daily Challenges

    Modern Warfare Level Up Fast

    This first tip seems pretty obvious but it is very easy to overlook the daily challenges for an alternative way to level up.

    Often taking a minimal amount of in-game time, completing the daily challenges before they reset is a quick and easy way of earning XP.

    It’s important to be aware of when they reset so you can repeat the process to quickly increase your level.


    Complete Weapon Challenges

    On the topic of challenges, be sure to use a variety of weapons to complete the specific challenges to receive bonus XP.

    If you complete landmark challenges, you can quickly work your way through the levels.


    Modern Warfare Trials

    Testing your skills in Trials is one of the most effective way to earn a lot of XP in a relatively short space of time.

    If you complete a trial with three stars, 10,000 XP is often the reward but this can be doubled when combined with a Double XP Token to further increase that total.

    With plenty of trials to select, either go through all of them for loads of XP or stick to one and repeat it to amass a wealth of XP!


    XP Tokens

    Modern Warfare Double XP Tokens

    The trick to using XP tokens is to use them where the games are either very long or very short and are filled with lots of fast-paced action.

    The recently-added Dirty Old Boar House playlist is ideal for playing with an XP token to earn additional XP.

    Combine the tokens with a double XP weekend to earn FOUR TIMES the amount of XP that you would normally obtain from a match.

    A well-timed XP token when towards the higher levels is a great way to move through them quickly, before reaching the top rank.


    Play The Objective

    If you want to receive some added XP on top of all the kills you're getting, be sure to play for the team.

    Attacking, capturing and defending certain objectives will give you small bonuses of XP - meaning objective game modes are the best for XP.

    Officer Progression

    Modern Warfare Officer Challenges

    The challenges in season two are a very good way of earning plenty of XP, with some of the challenges requiring minimal effort to secure tens of thousands of XP.

    Challenges range from everything to calling in 25 Cruise Missiles for 15,000XP to winning five Gunfight matches which will give you 3000XP, a lot of XP for not a lot of work.


    Modern Warfare Missions

    Don’t forget to select a mission! Often overlooked, the missions on Modern Warfare are a series of challenges with plenty of cosmetic items and that all-important XP up for grabs.

    There is a total of 22 missions in the game, all offering staggering amounts of XP that will have you well on your way to the top rank.

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