PUBG Mobile Season 12 COUNTDOWN LIVE: News, Updates, Rewards And More From Patch 0.17.0!
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PUBG Mobile Season 12 COUNTDOWN LIVE: News, Updates, Rewards And More From Patch 0.17.0!

Chris Trout
9 March 2020

PUBG Mobile Season 12 will be with us in a matter of days, we'll be counting down the days until release!

PUBG Mobile Season 12 has ARRIVED - the new season is now available to all!

The 0.17.0 Patch update has gone live and brings plenty of new features and rewards INCLUDING the Erangel amusement park to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of PUBG Mobile.

Although we are still waiting for the Royale pass to go live, we have already see what's on offer when Season 11 finishes.

We'll be covering all of the latest news, updates and leaks in the countdown to the new season right here.

Be sure to watch our wide variety of PUBG content here!

Season 12 Royale Pass Rewards - 11:47 GMT

You can find all of the Royale Pass rewards here.

Season 12 Is Live! - 9th March 11:05 GMT

TOMORROW - 8th March 21:15 GMT

Hotfix - 7th March 16:05 GMT

A new hotfix has arrived for PUBG Mobile to address some performance issues:

  • Fixed FPS issues happening on the OnePlus 6, Vivo, and Nex 3.
  • Fixed connection errors that were occurring during matches.
  • Fixed a bug where some skins caused the UZI to not equip scopes properly
  • Fixed an issue that would block friend messages.
  • Fixed an error that incorrectly displaying the modifiable Lumberjack UAZ finish.
  • Fixed some mistranslations.

2nd Anniversary Event Rewards - 6th March

Here's what you can get in the Anniversary event!

Colour Blind Mode - 5th March 12:25 GMT

Purple Halo Set - 4th March 14:10 GMT

As we close in on PUBG Mobile Season 12, the Purple Halo Set has been made available!

Brothers In Arms Feature - 10:10 GMT

Are you a veteran looking to earn rewards?

Try out the Brothers In Arms mode!

0.17.0 Patch Update Is Live! - 3rd March 9:40 GMT

The latest patch has gone live and the notes are now available on our Season 12 hub article here.

Updates include

  • 2nd Year Anniversary: Amusement Park Mode in Classic Erangel
  • Royale Pass Season 12: 2gether We Play! (Available March 9th)
  • Arctic Mode: Brand New Survival Experience (Available Soon)
  • New AirDrop Weapon: DBS Shotgun
  • New Arcade Mode: Return of Hardcore Mode
  • Death Replay
  • Colorblind Mode

Season 11 Royale Pass Coming To An End Tomorrow - 2nd March 11:00 GMT

Hardcore Mode Returns - 12:05 GMT

In this new mode, there will be no auto pickups, nor automatic door opening or reload. In simple words the game will be played same as you play the PC version of PlayerUnknown's Battleground.

You will get no help from the system anymore. If you hear a gun firing or a player running you have to use your instinct and experience to spot that player and kill him. If your mag runs out then you have to reload it.

All Royale Pass Rewards LEAKED - 1st March 12:00 GMT

YouTubers have been sharing the full leaked royale pass rewards.

Project: Ban Pan Will Be Rolling Out To Stop Cheaters - 29th February 15:00 GMT

An incredibly smart bit of tech to weed out cheaters will be implemented in the game with the release of Season 12, as well as some other features. 

Death Replays Confirmed - 28th February 14:00 GMT

The PUBG Mobile Twitter account has confirmed the introduction of Death Replays on March 3rd!

Leaning Tips - 27th February 10:25 GMT

Need a refresher course on leaning in PUBG Mobile?

New Updates - 26th February 13:05 GMT

So what's new in Season 12?

  • Death Replays
  • Weapon Edits
  • Extreme Cold
  • More Tactical Markers
  • New Weapons
  • Skins

These are just a few things coming to the new season for PUBG Mobile.

You can read more about these updates here.

How Many Days Until PUBG Mobile Season 12 Starts? - 25th February 20:45 GMT

PUBG Mobile is scheduled to begin on the 6th March 2020.

The current season (Season 11) will end on the 3rd March,

You can read all about the new season right here!

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