FIFA 20 Shapeshifters Team 2 COUNTDOWN LIVE: News, Leaks, Rumours And Start Date
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FIFA 20 Shapeshifters Team 2 COUNTDOWN LIVE: News, Leaks, Rumours And Start Date

Chris Trout
28 February 2020

The FIFA 20 Shapeshifters promo event starts TODAY! Follow us right here for the latest news and information!

The FIFA 20 Shapeshifters Team 2 arrives on the 27th February!

A new set of players will arrive in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team goes live at 6 pm GMT, taking over from Winter Refresh.

As we get closer to the event we'll be covering all of the news, leaks and rumours right here.

Shapeshifters Team 2 Has Arrived! - 18:00 GMT

Read all about Shapeshifters Team 2 here.

TOTS? - 17:00 GMT

While we have your attention, here are the likely details for TOTS in FIFA!

Alaba Shapeshifter? - 15:00 GMT

Imagine this card, it'll be FIFA 16 all over again!

He's BACK! - 14:00 GMT

Loading Screen Player Predictions - 13:00 GMT

It's probably fair to say that the 3 on the loading screen for shapeshifters are Cristiano Ronaldo, Trent Alexander-Arnold and N'Golo Kante - but what stats will they get?

Kyle Walker Shapeshifter - 12:15 GMT

Someone is hopeful...

Shapeshifters Team 2 Predictions - 28th February 11:10 GMT

Check out our full predictions here.

Shapeshifters Team 2 - 27th February 18:30 GMT

Shapeshifters team 2 has officially been teased...

Check out our predictions here.


Great news, everyone. They're here.

Check out the squad below, or find the full details here.

Fingers crossed we pack these over the weekend!

Marcelo as CAM? - 13:00 GMT

That 91 CAM card has got everyone talking, but could it be Real Madrid's left-back Marcelo making the move further up the pitch?

New Cards And Pack Design - 08:00 GMT


Predictions - 21st February GMT 01:00 GMT

So who are we expecting in this Shapeshifters promo?

A few front runners are:

  • Marcelo
  • Lucas Moura
  • Lacazette
  • Mendy
  • Telles

You can read more here.

Shapeshifters Dates - 23:45 GMT

So when does Shapeshifters start and end? What are the times?

Find out right here.

Next MoTM Cards? - 23:35 GMT

(Image via u/Romanista3)

Shapeshifters Event Confirmed! - 22:45 GMT

The next promotional event in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team will be Shapeshifters!

You can read all about this new event right here.

Neymar January POTM - 18:00 GMT

Neymar is Ligue 1's POTM for January!

CONMEBOL Libertadores Content Update - 20th February 15:00 GMT

CONMEBOL Libertadores will be coming as a free content update on March 3rd!

New Loading Screen Revealed? - 19th February 20:00 GMT

A new loading screen has arrived but it's unclear what it's for.

One thing is for certain, Winter Refresh is not sticking around to find out!

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