Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX: Kecleon Guide - Recruit, Shop, Stats And Moveset
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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX: Kecleon Guide - Recruit, Shop, Stats And Moveset

Nick Farrell
6 March 2020

Perhaps one of the more peculiar Pokemon you will encounter, find out all you need to know about Kecleon here!

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX launched March 6th and if you played the original game, you are probably well aware of Kecleon.

One may think he is just a simple Pokemon shop owner, but there is more than meets the eyes.

This suspicious Pokemon is perhaps the strongest Pokemon you will encounter in the game, and requires a special process to recruit it.

Let's take a look at everything we know about Kecleon.

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In the Pokemon town, you and your partner can roam around there is the Kecleon shop.

This is where you can buy/sell all the items you will collect in your adventures in various dungeons. This where Kecleon is by far the calmest. 

Kecleon also has pop-up shops in dungeons throughout the game; these are going to be in the hardest and longest dungeons to give you a chance to refresh your inventory. 

This is also where you should be most concerned about Kecleon, as we will talk about later how powerful it can be!



This is where Kecleon is by far the strongest Pokemon in the game, in an aim to educate people about how to not steal from others; if you dare steal from Kecleon be prepared. 

As soon as you take an item from his shop in a dungeon and step off of his shop mat, he will immediately come after you.

Kecleon will warp near you and start to attack and this will also warn all the enemies in the dungeon where you are also. 


Stats and Possible Moves

Let's take a look at Kecleon's stats and moves if you dare steal from it! According to Fandom, but Kecleon's moves may vary. 

  • Lv1 Astonish
  • 'Lv1 Lick
  • Lv1 Tail Whip
  • Lv1 Thief
  • Lv2 Scratch
  • Lv4 Bind
  • Lv7 Faint Attack
  • Lv12 Fury Swipes
  • Lv17 Psybeam
  • Lv24 Screech
  • Lv31 Slash
  • Lv40 Substitute
  • Lv49 Ancientpower


Recruiting Kecleon

If you want to recruit Kecleon to be apart of your Pokemon rescue team, there are some methods fans have created in order to recruit the Pokemon. Here are some of the best tips!

  • The leader needs to have the Friendship Bow equipped. 
  • The dungeon must allow Pokemon recruiting. 
  • The leader must land the last hit during your encounter with Kecleon. 

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