Apex Legends Season 4: Hemlok Burst AR Weapon Guide - Tips And Tricks For Apex Legends
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Apex Legends Season 4: Hemlok Burst AR Weapon Guide - Tips And Tricks For Apex Legends

Lloyd Coombes
9 February 2020

The Hemlok has been part of Apex Legends' armoury since launch, but is it finally due some love?

Apex Legends Season 4 is here, and the game’s original lineup of weapons has been added to constantly.

While the Sentinel may be the latest post-launch weapon to be added, but today we’re focusing on the Hemlok Burst AR, a rifle that’s been there from the start.


The Hemlok

Often overshadowed by the R-301, this burst-fire assault rifle had its damage buffed in October 2019 and is impressively accurate.

Here's our guide to using the Hemlok Burst AR.

It's about time the Hemlok got some love

Where to Find The Hemlok

The Hemlok can be found in generally any area, regardless of loot-tier.

That’s great, as long as you grab it before anyone else!


What Attachments And Ammo Does It Take?

The Hemlok can accept Holo, HCOG, Variable Holo and Variable AOG sights, as well as a barrel stabiliser, standard stock and an extended heavy mag.

That’s right, the Hemlok actually uses heavy ammo which means it hits harder than light ammo assault rifles.


Hemlok Tips And Tricks

Massively underrated, the Hemlok dishes out significant damage with each burst of three bullets and can be swapped to single-fire too.

It’s easy to blow through plenty of ammo though, so an extended heavy mag is a must, and it can be unwieldy up close.

If you engage over medium or long-range, you’ll be able to pop heads with relative ease, particularly with a Variable AOG scope.

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