Apex Legends Season 4: Peacekeeper Weapon Guide – Tips And Tricks For Apex Legends
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Apex Legends Season 4: Peacekeeper Weapon Guide – Tips And Tricks For Apex Legends

Lloyd Coombes
9 February 2020

Apex Legends offers some fantastic weaponry, but is the Peacekeeper the best up-close-and-personal option for players?

Apex Legends Season 4 is here, and players have been getting their hands on the game’s expanding arsenal yet again.

While the Sentinel may be the newest weapon, we’ll always have a soft spot for the Peacekeeper.

The Peacekeeper

That’s for two reasons. For one, it’s a devastating shotgun, and short of the Mastiff is the best of its class.

Secondly, its the coolest looking gun in the game, with a snazzy lever-action animation for reloading. Oh, and did we mention the spread of its shells are in the shape of a star?

Here's our guide to using the Peacekeeper.


Where to Find The Peacekeeper

As with most weapons, there’s no real rhyme or reason here – the Peacekeeper can be found in high and mid-rank loot areas.

The Peacekeeper is great – I mean, just look at it

What Attachments And Ammo Does It Take?

As you’d imagine from a shotgun, the Peacekeeper takes shotgun shells but only holds six in the magazine.

All short-range optics work with the gun, so you can use Holo, HCOG, Variable Holo and even the Digital Threat Legendary attachment with it.

A shotgun bolt can be fitted to increase reload speed, while a Precision Choke hop-up can be fitted to narrow the spread of each shot. That essentially increases the gun’s lethality, so you should definitely be looking for it when possible.


Peacekeeper Tips And Tricks

We made a big deal above about how the Peacekeeper looks, but it’s also a devastating shotgun. Its small magazine size means accuracy is key, something helped by using the Precision Choke hop-up mod.

Thankfully, the gun hits like a truck – meaning you can do a huge amount of damage, killing unarmored enemies in a single shot and fully-armoured ones in just two.

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