Apex Legends Season 4: L-Star Weapon Gameplay Guide – Tips And Tricks For The New Star In The Game
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Apex Legends Season 4: L-Star Weapon Gameplay Guide – Tips And Tricks For The New Star In The Game

Lloyd Coombes
8 February 2020

Apex Legends has made huge changes to the L-Star, making it almost a new gun. Find out what's changed here.

Apex Legends Season 4 is here, and while the L-Star has been around for a bit, it’s got some big changes.

While the Sentinel may have announced itself onto the scene, this energy weapon has essentially become an entirely new weapon.

The L-Star

Originally introduced in Season 2, it’s still got the same potential for winning matches, but there are a few new considerations when picking it up.

Here's our guide to using the L-Star EMG.


Where to Find The L-Star

While this powerful weapon was introduced in Season 2 as a care-package exclusive, the L-Star can now be found out and about on the battlefield – usually (but not limited to) in high and mid-rank loot areas.

What Attachments And Ammo Does It Take?

Now that it’s available on the battlefield, the L-Star can restock its ammo – and it uses energy ammo, in case you were wondering.

The L-Star is unique in that it doesn’t need to be reloaded. Instead, the gun will overheat if fire is sustained. That means short bursts are best, but you’ll also want to avoid blowing through your ammo which is easy to do when you don’t need to reload.

The L-Star can be fitted with a standard stock, and Holo, HCOG, Variable Holo and Variable AOG scopes.


L-Star Tips And Tricks

As we noted above, the key thing to consider when using the L-Star is how much ammo you have.

Energy ammo isn’t necessarily rare in World’s Edge or King’s Canyon but it's still worth saving for when you aren’t expecting your weapon to overheat - especially since it can fire 720 rounds per minute.

If you’ve used the L-Star in the past, it’s worth noting that both its damage per shot and rate of fire have been nerfed somewhat as of season 4 – presumably because being able to find a care-package exclusive out in the field could’ve led to a serious lack of balance.

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