Apex Legends Season 5: Gun And Weapon Tier List - The Best Weapons To Use In The Latest Season
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Apex Legends Season 5: Gun And Weapon Tier List - The Best Weapons To Use In The Latest Season

Ben Sledge
26 June 2020

Apex Legends Season 4 has been here a week or so now - but how do the new weapons fit into the tier list? Here's everything you need to know.

Season 5 of Apex Legends is now LIVE and players can experience the various weapon changes that come with it.

Here's our tier list of weapons:

S Tier


The Devotion really improved in Season 4 after being moved to supply drops. It is incredibly accurate and suffers from very little recoil, making it one of the very best weapons in Apex Legends.

But the best thing about the Devotion is the sheer damage it produces. With a little practice on the Firing Range, you won't have to worry about losing a single 1v1 fight with this LMG in your hands.


The Mastiff has been taken out of care packages and placed in the overworld for Season 5!

However, this has also meant reductions in damage output, a huge nerf to the headshot multiplier (from 2x to 1.25x) and an increase to magazine size and rate of fire.

On the other hand, you'll now be able to keep it fully loaded with Shotgun Ammo.

Despite the nerfs, the Mastiff remains one of the best close-range weapons in Apex Legends.

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A sub-machine gun that’s fairly common, the R-99 relies on attachments such as an extended mag and a lightweight optic to bring out its full potential.

Nevertheless, it's ideal in close range, able to shred shields and health with impressive speed, and for that reason just keeps its spot in S Tier.

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Again, one you’ll need to be lucky to find (or kill its previous owner if you don’t get to the care package first), this sniper rifle can instantly kill any Legend with a headshot.

But don’t be afraid to go for anything you can hit – the Kraber deals big damage to all areas.

Get some practice in the Training Arena first, though, as the painfully slow rate of fire means you have to make every shot count.

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A Tier


Speaking of which, the Longbow DMR has long been a consistent performer in the Apex games (even with a slight nerf to its rate of fire in Season 3).

Not as powerful as a full-blooded sniper rifle, it is more forgiving - aim for the head, and follow up with whatever you can hit.

As of Season 5, it can now take a Skullpiercer attachment, vastly increasing its headshot damage. The Longbow really is the best non-supply drop Sniper Rifle in Apex Legends.

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No longer found in care packages, the L-Star doesn't need to reload any more either - but it will overheat if fired too often.

If you pick it up, be sure to stock up on your energy ammo as without needing to reload it can be all too easy to get careless.

While it can take a little while to fire at full speed, once you've got going the L-Star is the best fast-firing weapon in the game, almost knocking the R-99 off its perch. Managing your fire so it doesn't overheat can also give you the edge when opponents need to reload.

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A favourite in the Gfinity offices, the Peacekeeper is a powerful shotgun that simply looks cool. However, in Season 5, it has been taken out of the regular weapons and added to care packages, along with some slight buffs.

It has power where it counts and is capable of shredding unshielded enemies, but its rarity could see its viability drop.

The Precision Choke is now also built into the shotgun, meaning that you'll be able to charge up those shots right away for maximum damage.

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Apex Legends Peacekeeper


An assault rifle that fires in bursts, the Hemlock is impressively accurate considering the rate at which it can sling ammunition.

That makes it ideal at anything except long range, especially with a decent optic attachment. Keep your eyes peeled for the golden Legendary Hemlok.

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Prowler PDW

We’d argue that this weapon could easily be B-tier if not for the Select-Fire hop-up which essentially lets you convert it into an assault rifle in all but name.

Without it, the Prowler can be a tad unwieldy with its relatively small magazine. Just be sure to stock up on attachments - especially that extended mag.

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R-301 Carbine

A great all-rounder in Apex Legends (as it was in Titanfall), the R-301 is ideal for mid-range entanglements.

Although it offers some of the best ironsights in the game, attachments really bring out the best in the R-301, particularly a mid-range scope. The loss of anvil Rounds in Season 5 will hurt, however.

However, its best use is a place to store attachments until you pick up a superior R-99, when they'll all fit the SMG.

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G7 Scout

A single-shot weapon that’s surprisingly decent even at close range, the G7 is crying out for a scope to get the best out of it. Luckily, since its reclassification as an Assault Rifle, these are much easier to come by.

The rate of fire is decent and can be improved with the Double-Tap hop-up, but the only real limit is how fast your firing finger is!


Once one of Apex Legends’ most cherished weapons, the Wingman remains the best pistol for sheer damage - but its reduced magazine size of 4 bullets means you’ll be desperate for an extended mag where possible.

Without it, aim for the head – the return of the Skullpiercer means this trusty pistol does 2.25x headshot damage.

M600 Spitfire

The Spitfire has a huge magazine and is pretty accurate when firing from the hip - albeit at a lower rate of fire that keeps recoil fairly manageable.

The fact that you can now find a fully kitted-out Legendary Spitfire as of Season 5 has pushed this weapon up two tiers - it will be devastating in the early game.

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B Tier


The first post-launch addition to Apex Legends’ arsenal, the Havoc is a beast, especially after a serious buff in Season 4.

The Havoc has a firing rate so high it can shred shields in an instant, but multiple increases to the horizontal recoil have taken their toll.

It’s an assault rifle that packs an accurate punch, although the charge time can be an irritant. There's also the fact that L-Star users will be hoarding most of the Energy Ammo in King's Canyon, which really holds the Havoc back.

If you can manage the recoil, this has the potential to be a serious threat.

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One of the new weapons added as part of Season 4, the Sentinel rewards skilled players handsomely.

Its bolt-loaded mechanism means you’ll need to line-up your shots, but it remains faster than other snipers - meaning it could be a great alternative if you can’t find yourself the Longbow.

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sentinel guide apex legends

EVA-8 Shotgun

Another reliable choice, the EVA-8 is a decent shotgun whose real strength lies in its full-auto nature.

It hits hard and fast and is an ideal weapon to keep in reserve when breaching an internal area. Make sure to attach a Double-Tap Trigger to really make the most of this shotgun.

Keep an eye on your ammo, as this will eat through it in moments - especially when double-tapping.

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Charge Rifle

A weapon that was added and subsequently nerfed multiple times, the Charge Rifle needs a lead-in charge and doesn’t hold as much ammo – but hit an enemy with it and you’ll melt their shield in a heartbeat.

This reigns supreme in the Armed and Dangerous Evolved event, where enemies often have red evo-shields and sniper ammo and attachments are abundant.

However, the Charge Rifle struggles in regular gameplay.


A gun that can easily get you to the middle of a match, the RE-45 has manageable recoil and does enough damage to unshielded opponents.

A reduced reload time and increased damage from 11 to 12 make this a reasonable weapon if you can't find anything else.

It also shares plenty of attachments with the R-99 we mentioned earlier, so you’ll want to grab that one when you can.


C Tier

VK-47 Flatline

An assault rifle that deals more damage than the R-301 and Hemlok, the Flatline ends up here thanks to slow-moving rounds that make reacting to an enemy ambush feel hit and miss.

Triple Take

A sniper rifle that spreads ammo sounds like a dream come true, but in reality, the Triple Take isn’t as good as it could be - unless you equip a Precision Choke to harness those shots.


An SMG that’s been through the wringer as far as nerfs and buffs go, the lack of Disruptor Rounds make the Alternator tough to recommend for anything other than early-game unshielded targets.

An increased magazine size in Season 5 is a slight buff, but not enough to make it worthwhile picking up.


The most vanilla of pistols, the P2020 just isn’t that exciting.

If you grab it early, particularly with the Hammerpoint Rounds mod, you’ll tear through people without shields – be prepared to ditch it once they stock up, though.

D Tier


A weapon that’s become a meme now, the Mozambique is a shotgun that doesn’t spread enough and a pistol that isn’t accurate enough.

With that in mind, get in close and ADS for a headshot.