Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer BETA LEAKS: Release Date, How To Get Into The Beta, Level Cap, Weapons, Maps, What's Included And Everything We Know
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Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer BETA LEAKS: Release Date, How To Get Into The Beta, Level Cap, Weapons, Maps, What's Included And Everything We Know

Jonno Nicholson
9 September 2020

Beta time

Despite the delayed reveal, it looks like Black Ops Cold War will get a multiplayer beta!

Recent datamined files make references to an open beta for the general public to enjoy, before its full release, for pre-ordering the game.

A Black Ops Cold War beta is expected to arrive soon and has become an integral part of the game's development cycle since Black Ops 3.

Treyarch Studios, one of the developers of COD 2020, has released public and private beta tests in previous years, the first being World at War.

Considering the game has been very slow to be revealed and multiple claims have stated that the game is in a state, this could prove to be the most valuable beta in the franchise.

Release Date

Black Ops Cold War's beta will begin on the 8th August 2020!

How To Get Into The Beta

Open Beta Access for Black Ops Cold War will invite players who pre-purchase Black Ops Cold War to the Open Beta.

The beta is only available to those that pre-order digitally. PS4 will receive the beta first as part of the exclusivity deal with Sony/PlayStation.

This comes as no surprise, considering this has been the case almost every year.

Usually, a public beta weekend is added allowing players on all platforms, regardless of whether they have pre-ordered or not, can try the beta.


The Black Ops Cold War beta will be on the PS4, Xbox One And PC.

During the Modern Warfare beta, PS4 players got to play the beta first in an exclusive weekend.

During the second weekend beta, Xbox One and PC players also got their chance to play with PS4 users.

The beta will launch before the arrival of the next-generation consoles - the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

What Is Included?

Usually a beta contains a small taste of what the full release of the game has to offer.

The beta will release with a level cap, meaning only a small selection of weapons, perks, equipment and killstreaks will be available.

Maps and game modes will also be limited at the beginning of the beta, with more unlocked as the beta goes on.

Why Is This The Most Important Beta?

With Treyarch taking over the development of COD 2020 a third of the way through the three-year development cycle, releasing a beta sooner rather than later would be one of the most effective ways to iron out any glaring bugs and glitches that will be in the game.

After a mixed fan reception to the release of Modern Warfare, COD 2020 needs to be a return to familiarity rather than contain maps which are far too big for any form of fun.

With such a high amount of pressure on Treyarch, can they produce the goods once again?

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