Black Ops 2020: Campaign, Characters And Story In COD 2020
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Black Ops 2020: Campaign, Characters And Story In COD 2020

Nick Farrell
22 March 2020

Black Ops 4 didn't have a campaign, will Black Ops 5 deliver?

COD 2020 could be a big reboot of the Black Ops franchise, wiping the slate clean and starting from scratch. However, like Modern Warfare, they will be using strands from the past games to formulate a new one.

Now, rumours and speculation are starting to ramp up in preparation for the newest COD title. With Treyarch once again leading the way for Call of Duty, we can expect wonderful things for the newest COD title!

One aspect to keep an eye on is the story mode. Infamously, Treyarch left out the campaign mode altogether during Black Ops 4, so let's take a look at what we know so far about Black Ops 5's story mode!

See what’s planned for COD 2020 by watching below!


The Call of Duty campaign has been historically revealed at E3, but this hasn't been the case recently. Modern Warfare was revealed before E3 2019 and we're expecting this to be the same situation this year; especially with E3 2020 being cancelled.

The campaign is likely to be a Cold War Deep Dive, following real-life Vietnam War events according to TheGamingRevolution. It will retell the story from the perspective of the US, South Vietnam and Viet Cong.

Raven Software has already built a large part of the campaign already and a lot of it will be used to form the final product with Treyarch stepping in.

Alex Mason and Sargent Frank Woods will return in the campaign with new actors - the game will use similar threads from the old story to create an entirely new campaign.

He also mentions that we could play from the perspective of Woods and that Mason is in the first mission of the campaign.

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Reznov? Mason? 

It is hard to say which direction Treyarch is going to go with this campaign mode. They could do a re-boot style of game, similar to what Modern Warfare was - meaning they use a familiar name to an old COD title but change up the story a bit.

As we saw within the Modern Warfare story mode, we explored the backstory of Task Force 141 and why Captain Price was motivated to form this famous group.

Should we get an origin story for a campaign, maybe we will explore the history of Victor Reznov, who is one of the more prominent figures in the Black Ops series.

We first meet him almost dead in a water fountain during Call of Duty: World At War and becomes one of the spearheads of the campaign. 

Another route that they could explore, is looking at other characters such as Alex Mason, Frank Woods or Raul Menedez. It will be interesting to see how a reboot of Black Ops 1 will play out and what story they elect to follow!