Temtem: Early access, Release date, Features, Price, Roadmap & Everything else you need to know
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Temtem: Early access, Release date, Features, Price, Roadmap & Everything else you need to know

Oliver East
24 January 2020

Temtem is now in early access and has garnered a lot of interest amongst fans of the Pokemon franchise. Here's what you need to know.

Temtem is the Pokemon-inspired monster collecting game, and it’s Early Access has come to PC from 21 January 2020.

Players will eventually be able to explore the six islands of the Airborne Archipelago, discovering new species and making friends along the way.

Temtem will be available for Early Access on Steam and Humble stores until full release, and it will debut roughly half of the game, feature a large selection of Temtem to collect.

More features will follow before the launch of full release- a few of which have already been teased by the developer.

Continue reading for all the information we have.

Release date

The full version of Temtem is set to launch in the third quarter of 2021, but with all of the delays we have seen as of late, this date will be subject to change.

Steam are offering a broad overview of the game on their site, but the game is quite simple in principle.

Just think Pokémon, but with online features in the style of a PC based MMO.

Find out what is featured in TemTem Early Access below.


Early Access features

TemTem will not debut in full as it is still in development, but you can expect more features to be added as we approach the 2021 release date.

You can also expect any rough edges in the Early Access to get smoothed out with time.

The available features include:

-        Some of the campaign, with "over 20 hours of gameplay"

-        The first three main islands

Explore three unique islands (will become six upon release)

-        Over 80 Temtem (out of more than 160)

-        Basic multiplayer features

-        Full co-op, Player vs Player combat, Trading, and the ability to see other players roaming the world

-        End-game content such as Luma, breeding, weekly quests and events


Other features coming to TemTem

Though there isn’t a lot of information available to the public, we know that the full game will feature a "complete" storyline with the following features being added over time:

-        161+ Temtem

-        6 unique islands + 1 mini-island with end-game activities

-        Ranked matchmaking

-        Auction / Trading House

-        Clubs (our take on clans, including weekly Dojo wars)

-        Housing

Temtem Housing Features
Temtem comes with customisable housing features

-        Arcade Bar

-        Nuzlocke game mode

-        Three mythical Temtem

-        In-game tournaments

-        Steam Achievements and Cards



Although TemTem will be in Early Access for the rest of 2020, its price is going to rise as more official features and content gradually get added ahead of the 2021 launch.

TemTem will also feature regional pricing, but it currently sits at £27.99 on the Steam site.

Stay tuned for our updates.

Written by
Julian Sims

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