COD 2020: Release Date UK And Platforms For COD 2020
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COD 2020: Release Date UK And Platforms For COD 2020

Chris Trout
22 January 2020

COD 2020 will arrive towards the end of this year. Here's when we can expect the release date for the UK.

COD 2020 will arrive towards the end of this year and despite fans being actively involved in the current Modern Warfare season, plenty are turning their heads at the thought of a new Call of Duty game.

This year's Call of Duty game will likely follow a similar release date to previous, as it tends to have a very established release date.

So when will COD 2020 launch in the UK? Here's when we can expect to see it.

Release Date

As it currently stands, there is no official release date for COD 2020.

Call of Duty has been a global launch title since Modern Warfare 2 and its very likely that this will be the case again for COD 2020 - meaning the UK will receive the game on the same date as everyone else.

Those that downloaded the digital version will have their version unlock at midnight local time.

For the past two years, the game has been launched as an October title, but prior to this was established as a regular November launch.

It's unlikely that the game's launch month will change massively unless its for development reasons; meaning its likely to fall in October again.



It's a guarantee that the game will release for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

One the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X releases, it will certainly make its way to those platforms.

It's unclear whether these consoles will release before or after the new COD game.

It can be assumed that Treyarch has been developing their new title for the PS5 and Xbox Series X and would then later develop a port for Xbox One and PS4.

As they're now taking over the development for this year's game, they have had to bring forward development and will likely need to make adjustments to accommodate.

Nintendo Switch users will likely be out of luck as a Call of Duty game has not appeared on a Nintendo device since Call of Duty: Ghosts on the Wii U.

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