Modern Warfare Battle Royale: Why It Could Be A PS4 Exclusive
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Modern Warfare Battle Royale: Why It Could Be A PS4 Exclusive

Jonno Nicholson
27 January 2020

Rumours of a battle royale mode coming to Modern Warfare have been all over the place. Here is why we think that it could be a PS4 exclusive.

The thought of a potential Modern Warfare Battle Royale mode arriving to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is one that does not seem to be dying down anytime soon.

Since the release of Modern Warfare back in October 2019, the rumours within the community have been rife surrounding Infinity Ward's take on the genre.

If there was to be a BR released into Modern Warfare, is it in danger of becoming an exclusive game mode to PS4 users?

Here is why we think that a Modern Warfare Battle Royale mode could be a PS4 exclusive.


Spec Ops Survival

Prior to the release of Modern Warfare, it was revealed that the survival mode for Spec Ops was only available for PS4 users on release, while Xbox and PC users have to wait until October 2020 before they are able to get their hands on it.

Going off this, there is certainly potential for Activision Blizzard and Sony to strike a similar deal with PS4 users getting exclusive access to a BR mode for a limited time before other platforms get access.

Modern Warfare has committed to providing PlayStation 4 players exclusive content and this is certainly one way to fulfil that promise.

Modern Warfare Battle Royale

First on PS4

For the past few years, PlayStation users have received access to brand-new content such as maps and general updates before its rivals.

It wouldn’t at all be surprising to see an announcement trailer for the BR and at the end of it a blue screen emerges uttering the words “Play first on PlayStation 4”.


Despite this happening in previous years, post-launch content on Modern Warfare has gone live across all platforms, at the same time, so it will certainly be interesting to see whether PS users get their hands on a BR mode first.

Money Talks

Just like Spec Ops Survival, Sony could well spend big in order to gain exclusive access to the first year of a Modern Warfare battle royale mode.

It has done it before, so there is a definite possibility that it could do it again to gain the upper hand on its rivals.

With the PlayStation 5 launching later this year, it's definitely a smart way to persuade gamers to buy a PS4 before they're rendered obsolete; as well as serving as a reminder to Call of Duty fans that Sony has the upper hand when it comes to COD content.

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Written by
Jon Nicholson


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