Apex Legends Season 4 COUNTDOWN LIVE: Gameplay Trailer, Map, Launch Time, Rumours, Leaks, Battle Pass And More
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Apex Legends Season 4 COUNTDOWN LIVE: Gameplay Trailer, Map, Launch Time, Rumours, Leaks, Battle Pass And More

Oliver East
4 February 2020

Apex Legends Season 4 drops exactly a year after its initial release - It's here!

TODAY begins a new chapter in Respawn's popular battle royale game - Apex Legends Season 4 IS HERE.

February 4th also marks the one-year anniversary for the popular Battle Royale shooter and we're covering it all right here!

Bookmark this page and check back regularly for the latest updates around Season 4!


Revenant Guide - 22:15 GMT

You will need to check out these tips if you're playing as Revenant.

Meet Revenant - 20:45 GMT

Battle Pass Overview - 20:30 GMT

Best Loot Spots - 20:15 GMT

It seems the Sentinel has a very generous drop rate at the moment, so here are the best loot Spots to hopefully get you one of your own!

Apex Legends Hits 280k Live Viewers On Twitch - 19:10 GMT

Myth Wins First Game As Revenant - 18:50 GMT

He's Giving Away Apex Coins In A Sponsored Deal With EA.

Official Patch Notes Are Live Here - 18:25 GMT

The Patch Notes are LIVE and you can read them all here.

Season 4 Is Here! Start Downloading! - 18:00 GMT

Respawn Celebrate 1 Year Of Apex - 17:45

Not Everyone Likes Revenant - 17:30 GMT

u/Lonewolfali has made it his mission to eliminate all Revenant players...GLHF.

1 HOUR TO GO! - 17:00 GMT

BONG BONG BONG! It's One Hour until Season 4 launches!

revenant season 4

Patch Update For Your Timezone - 16:30 GMT

Redditors are predicting when the patch will go live:

  • North America EST: 1:00 pm CST: 12:00 pm MST:11:00 am PST: 10:00 am
  • Europe CEST: 7:00 pm GMT: 4:00 pm Moscow: 8:30 pm
  • Africa GMT: 4:00 pm
  • Australia ACT: 5:00 am

The Real Reason Revenant Is So Angry - 16:00 GMT

(Video via u/RAIIVN)

What Do Revenant And Sonic Have In Common? - 15:30 GMT

Did you know that the voice actor for Revenant also did the voice for Sonic?

Leaked Patch Notes? - 15:00 GMT

The patch notes for the new season appear to have been leaked on Reddit!!!!!!!!!!1111 (Image via u/Runescape_Faggs)

Note: These are obviously fake.

Patch Notes - 14:30 GMT

We're still waiting on official patch notes, however, when they do go live you can find them here.

If you're just getting into the Season 4 hype, we've recapped all of the updates we know about in the article too!

Ranked Mode Details - 14:00 GMT

Interested to know what the Ranked mode will bring and what's changed? Here are the details.

apex legends season 4 ranked mode

All Map Changes - 13:30 GMT

The World's Edge map is getting a massive makeover to keep within the theme for Season 4 - here are all of the changes.

worlds edge map changes apex legends season 4

Respect From One Company To Another - 13:00 GMT

Just a humble Epic Games dev showing some appreciation for the great job Respawn did with the Apex Legends Season 4 Gameplay Trailer (Image via u/ExoBoots)

Revenant AR Filter - 12:30 GMT

Have you tried out this awesome Revenant AR Filter on Instagram?!

How Good Are The Sentinel And Sidewinder - 12:00 GMT

Wondering how good the Sentinel and Sidewinder are?

Check out our Season 4 gun tier list here!

Revenant's Shadow Bomb - 11:30 GMT

If you missed it, Revenant's "Shadow Bomb" peels out of Revenant's forearm and his fingers stretch back to fling it like a sling shot!

More Season 4 Memes - 11:00 GMT

Dress for the job you want... (Image via u/Cynnthetic)

Legends Tier List - 10:15 GMT

The new season will no doubt come with changes to our Legends.

You can read our tier list right here.

apex legends character tier list

Dawn Of A New Day - 4th February 10:00 GMT

Good morning everyone! Today we get to play Apex Legends Season 4.

If you haven't done, read up on everything about what you can expect here.

apex legends season 4 world's edge

The Fallen Soldiers - 22:00 GMT

We wanted to dedicate this next post to the two characters that are looking unlikely to launch in Season 4 - Forge and Rosie/Loba.

Revenant Legendary Skin - 21:45 GMT

The Revenant legendary skin is AMAZING (Image via u/Supremedrizzt)

revenant legendary skin apex legends season 4

Season 4 Release Time - 21:30 GMT

Although we do not know the timing of when the season will go live, we can generally expect the update to go live about 24 hours before the start of a season; traditionally Respawn officially reveals the big update's release time on social media.

According to News Week, we are expecting the presumed Apex Legends version 1.27 patch to go live at 1-3pm EST - which is 6-8pm GMT.

Relatable Post - 21:00 GMT

(Image via u/NotYourDadsMemes)

Blue Supply Bin - 20:50 GMT

One eagle-eyed Redditor spotted the Blue bins now in World's Edge (Image via u/kowzzzz)

Best Places To Drop In Season 4 - 20:00 GMT

We've got a little treat for you all before the new season launches.

World's Edge will take up the first split of Season 4, so here are the best places to loot.

Expectation vs Reality - 19:45 GMT

Reddit reacts to the new gameplay trailer in a comical fashion! (Image by u/Senboni)

The Cosmetics Are A Hit - 18:45 GMT

Reddit user u/arkan-agh praises the new skins with "oky..take my money..i love it"

The Season 4 Gameplay Trailer Is LIVE!!! - 18:00 GMT

We finally got a look at the trailer and boy does it look good.

The big news is that it showed off Revenant’s ability to make himself and his teammates turn into smoke. It also looked as though he can shoot a grenade from his arm.

Elsewhere, we got a glimpse of a new sniper rifle - which features a charged shot.

Finally, there will be major changes coming to the World’s Edge map - as well as new skins. 

1 Hour To Go! - 17:00 GMT

It's one hour until the trailer goes live - what can we expect to see?

It's likely more information about Revenant will be revealed.

The Story So Far... - 16:00 GMT

Although it may not seem like it, there is a story to Apex Legends and there's nothing more appealing than untold lure.

apex legends season 4 loba

How Does Forge Compare To The Rest? - 15:12 GMT

So if the theory on the rumour mill is that Forge isn't dead - what can we expect from him?

Going off of the stock images we have of Forge, along with the recently posted physical comparisons with other Apex characters, we can assume Forge will be one of the bulkier characters.

You can read how he will stack up against the rest here.

forge comparison apex legends season 4

Season 4 Will Feature Two Maps - 14:30 GMT

Did you know that Season 4 will feature two maps?

Players will get the chance to play both World's Edge and Kings Canyon.

You can find out the dates here.

apex legends season 4 map kings canyon

What Do Revenant, Sonic And Batman Have In Common? - 14:45 GMT

Surely there can't be much in common between these two unrelated characters? Other than the fact they aren't real?

Forge Still Alive? - 13:40 GMT

It looks like Respawn could have been trolling us all along - a new theory suggests that Forge is still alive!

Recently, the touted poster boy for Season 4 was shockingly killed by Revenant - desperately sought after by fans.

forge apex legends season 4

Solos Coming In Season 4? - 13:00 GMT

It has been alleged that solos will return in Season 4.

This isn't the first time the game has seen solos arrive it first appeared in the Iron Crown Collection event, even though it was short-lived.

Cloud9 star PVPX tweeted Respawn’s producer Josh Medina to ask if solos would arrive and he was met with a vague but promising answer - you can read more about it here.


Who Is Revenant? - 12:30 GMT

The Gameplay Reveal will no doubt revolve around the new character Revenant (who famously killed Forge to take his mantle as this Season's new champion).

You can read all about Revenant here.

Gameplay Trailer Reveal - 12:00 GMT

Off the back of last week's Apex Legends Season 4 launch trailer last week, a new gameplay trailer is being set to reveal at 6pm tonight!

You can watch the action here.

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