COD Mobile Season 3: Maps That Should Return For Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 For Android And iOS
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COD Mobile Season 3: Maps That Should Return For Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 For Android And iOS

Jonno Nicholson
16 January 2020

COD Mobile Season 3 is about to get underway and we're expecting brand new maps, here are the maps we would like to see return!

COD Mobile Season 3 will soon arrive to mobile devices and is set to bring plenty of new content, including maps. Call of Duty Mobile first made its way into the hands of gamers in October 2019 and has quickly broken records in the industries.

COD Mobile's Season 3 will feature the debut of Modern Warfare 2's Scrapyard, we are expecting the possibility of more maps, characters and weapons being added throughout the season.

In this article, we choose five maps that we think would be great additions to the COD Mobile map pool.

1) Favela

Set in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, Favela is an all-time classic from Modern Warfare 2.

What better way to introduce a new wave of players by adding it in as part of Season 3?

Offering a near-perfect mix of short, medium and long-range engagement opportunities, players can play in any way they want and still achieve success.


2) Raid – Normal

As part of season two, a seasonal version of the Black Ops 2 map was added into the game. It would certainly be a logical move to add its normal iteration into the game.

Perhaps the best map in Call of Duty history, adding Raid into COD Mobile Season 3 is an instant improvement to the map pool.


3) Overgrown

As one of the larger maps from the franchise, Overgrown offers something for the passive players and the snipers in particular.

Introducing a bigger map would add some much-needed variety into the COD Mobile Season 3 map pool which only consists of small to medium-sized maps.

4) Havana

Havana from Black Ops has a similar map layout to Crossfire, with a large open street running down the middle of the map with lots of compact buildings and flanking routes either side.

Ideal for Domination, this map would be great for objective game modes in Season 3.


5) Rust

Always considered as a fan-favourite map, there is always a place for Rust on a Call of Duty game. Synonymous for being so small, creating all-out chaos in a game, it is always a lot of fun to play this map.

With the weapon arsenal featuring lots of weapons that excel in close quarters, the addition of Rust could lead to some great fun on COD Mobile Season 3.

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Chris Trout


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