Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2: Ninja Speaks Out on Lack of Mobility
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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2: Ninja Speaks Out on Lack of Mobility

Oliver East
14 January 2020

Mixer superstar, Ninja has spoken out over the lack of mobility in the newest version of the game.

You've barely got any time to prepare for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2, with a release date being scheduled for early February 2020!

This will be the first update we’ve seen since the whole world of Fortnite was literally shoved into a black hole and reborn.


Chapter 2 saw the disappearance of the Flint Knock Pistol, Shockwave Grenades, Junk Rifts, Bouncers, Launchpads, Hoverboards and pretty much anything else that could be used to move around the map.

These changes have left players wondering how they will be able to get around the brand-new map, and none more so than Fortnite poster-boy, Ninja.

Here’s everything he had to say about the update.


More Mobility

Chapter 2 Season 1 has now been live for a couple of months, and now both streamers and pros are beginning to speak out about the lack of choice for getting around the map in a hurry.

Ninja tweeted:

Ninja Movement Tweet

Ninja is clearly disillusioned by the crazy zone changes, and just how unpredictable they have become.

This was part of a series of tweets aimed at Epic, in the hope that the developers would potentially look into the issue and add more mobility options. 


Is it just me or do you miss being able to fly a Quadcrasher around the map?

With the map growing considerably larger than it was in Chapter 1, it is understandable that the lack of movement options is driving players up the wall.

Fortnite Movement Ninja Complaint

LEGIQN also chimed in on the debate, adding that he hopes Season 12 will see the return of adorned items like the Launchpad.

Release Date

Typically a Fortnite season lasts 10 weeks which would have seen the update drop in January however prominent Fortnite Leaker @Lucas7yoshi informed us via Twitter that the debut season for Chapter 2 had been extended until February 6th 2020.


Map Changes

A new season brings new map changes. As we lead up to the tail end of Chapter 1, many players criticised how the map had become far too cluttered. 

When the map reset in Chapter 2, it completely wiped the slate much to the delight of fans.

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Julian Sims

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