Xbox Series X Games 2020: Every confirmed & rumoured game we expect to see on Microsoft’s upcoming console
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Xbox Series X Games 2020: Every confirmed & rumoured game we expect to see on Microsoft’s upcoming console

Oliver East
21 March 2020

The Xbox Series X will launch with a range of exclusive and non exclusive games when it launches in the Holidays 2020. Here is our list of what to expect for Microsoft's next generation console.

After heaps of rumours, teases and leaks, Microsoft finally unveiled their upcoming console, Xbox Series X, at the recent Game Awards.

Microsoft claims that the next-gen console will deliver the “most immersive console experience” with its futuristic specs, and this statement has every chance of standing true.

Though we haven’t seen a full breakdown of what exactly is inside the clunky exterior, we have a pretty strong idea of which upcoming games will feature on it.

For all the details on the upcoming Xbox’s improved framerates, loading times and graphics, check out our main article on the next-gen console.

However, if you’re here to find out what titles will feature on the upcoming console, continue reading.

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Rainbow Six Siege

After already confirming that players will be able to join each other across console generations, Ubisoft has wowed us again, by confirming that even disc versions can come forward.

Creative director, Leroy Athanassoff, confirmed that existing PS4 and Xbox One Siege discs will work on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

When you do that, you’ll be able to download and play the game on the new consoles. 

Cyberpunk 2077

In addition to the incredible specs that Microsoft's new console is boasting, players who purchase a copy of selected games like Cyberpunk 2077 for the Xbox One, will receive a free copy of the game for the Xbox Series X when available.

Looks like Microsoft isn't playing around.

Halo: Infinite

New Xbox Series X Confirmed Games: Halo Infinite

343 Industries has spent many years building a brand new engine for Halo Infinite, and the result will be a whole new graphical style when the game releases on Xbox Series X.

Though we are going to have to wait until release to see the upgraded mechanics, it is not as far off as you might think.


Halo Infinite is expected to release in time for the “Holiday 2020” release, however we are yet to receive an update on the release date.

More will undoubtedly follow as the year progresses.

Lord of the Rings: Gollum

Xbox Series X Confirmed Games Lord of the Rings Gollum

It looks like German studio Daedalic Entertainment has big plans on designing Gollum as a stealth-based action title.

It sounds like the game will be set between the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogies.

While the studio has stopped short of specifying the upcoming title’s style of play, the main idea is that you will sneak around various locations across Middle-Earth in conflicted protagonist’s twisted body.

There isn’t much information out there at the minute on when the game will release, but we are expecting an early 2021 launch as development is still in the early stages.

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2

Xbox Series X Games 2020: Hellblade 2

An announcement made at the recent Game Awards told us that Hellblade 2 is coming to Microsoft’s next-gen console (as well as PC), but fell short of a release date. 

For those who didn’t play the original game, it followed a Pict warrior named Senua on her quest to save the soul of her dead lover, Dillion.


Senua faces various obstacles on her journey; hearing numerous voices in her head, suffering from violent hallucinations, and being pursued by the Darkness to name a few.

It’s now been three years since we’ve seen the female protagonist, but we’re more than ready to join her on the next harrowing quest.

Rumoured Titles

Gears 5 Enhanced

Gears 5 will no doubt be available through backwards compatibility, but it could be getting an enhanced version and be available through Smart Delivery.

Phil Spencer recently saw Gears 5 with "enhancements" and said that it "looks better than Gears has ever looked."

The Elder Scrolls 6

Xbox Series X 2020: Elder Scrolls 6

Bethesda’s commitments to other projects has slowed down progress on The Elder Scrolls 6 in recent times, but the developers recently reassured fans that the game is very much on its way.

That said, it won’t be releasing until next-gen consoles finally do in the back end of 2020.

The teaser trailer put out at E3 2019 was pretty underwhelming, but despite the nature of it, a series of rumours regarding the location of the 6th instalment have been circulating.

We are beyond excited to see what the upcoming Xbox can do to elevate the experience that Elder Scrolls titles typically deliver.


Starfield New Xbox Series X Rumoured Game

Starfield is Bethesda Softworks’ next big project, and it has reportedly been in the making for the best part of a decade.

We’ve heard that the science-fiction RPG is set to release before The Elder Scrolls 6, meaning that Bethesda is likely to throw a lot of resources at the sci-fi RPG.

There have also been suggestions that Starfield is supposed to launch just in time for next-gen platforms PS5 and Xbox Series X, but Bethesda may be facing major development issues on the new game.


The several development teams in different locations has been pretty bad for general team cohesion.

One leak claims that it could miss the next-gen consoles’ launch altogether, but leaks in the gaming industry should always been taken with a large pinch of salt.

Watch Dogs: Legion

New Xbox Series X Rumoured Game: Watch Dogs Legion

Ubisoft’s third instalment in the Watch Dogs franchise is on the horizon, and this time the action will be coming to the streets of London in Watch Dogs: Legion.

The initial release date of Watch Dogs: Legion was set for March 6, 2020, but it has been pushed back to a much broader “2021” launch.

The story puts you in the London branch of a hacker group, who are battling against a regime that has taken control of the United Kingdom with a state-of-the-art surveillance system.

In Legion, every character you meet can be recruited and controlled as you build up your very own resistance movement.

This means that there’s no ‘main protagonist’ as such – which could open up multiple storylines (while this is not confirmed, it would be very cool).