Pokemon Sword and Shield: Galarian Forms In Isle of Armor And Crown Tundra Galarian We Want To See
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Pokemon Sword and Shield: Galarian Forms In Isle of Armor And Crown Tundra Galarian We Want To See

Nick Farrell
18 January 2020

Why not change some Pokemon up to match the DLC packs?

Nintendo has announced that Pokemon Sword and Shield will be graced with even more content. A new Expansion Pass includes two new adventures for the popular Nintendo Switch game in the form of DLC; both are due to release later in 2020.

The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra will be available for owners of Sword and Shield to continue their adventures in the Galar Region.

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With these new areas, we can assume we are going to get some more Galarian forms to catch and check out.

Here's our wishlist of Galarian forms we want to see in the Sword and Shield DLC.


The seal Pokemon from generation three is one of the new 80 confirmed Pokemon making an appearance in the DLC packs.

The ice-water type Pokemon has few weaknesses and is considered one of the strongest Pokemon from the Hoenn region.

This Pokemon could feature in both the Isle of Armor or The Crown Tundra.



One of the best Pokemon from the Jhoto region is one of the potential Pokemon coming to one of the DLC packs.

The loveable fighting-bug Pokemon is one of the stars of the anime and could be one of the stars of these expansion packs.

heracross pokemon sword and shield


Another confirmed Pokemon coming to the two expansion packs is Kingdra, who is one of the harder Pokemon to obtain as it requires a rather tricky trade.

However, if you manage to get your hands on Kingdra it is one of the most feared Pokemon you can use.

It's likely you'll obtain this Pokemon in the Isle of Armor.



We can expect to wander plenty of caves in The Crown Tundra, which makes for a natural environment for Crobat and his evolutionary tree.

Maybe the Zubat evolution line will finally get the love it deserves with a Galarian form?



First appearing in Sun and Moon, Toucannon is a powerful flying type Pokemon.

Considering we'll be heading to the tropical Isle of Armor this is the perfect stomping ground for this bird Pokemon.

Its colourful beak could don a very unique set of colours.

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Nick Farrell


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