Modern Warfare: 725 vs Model 680 - Which Shotgun Should I Use?
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Modern Warfare: 725 vs Model 680 - Which Shotgun Should I Use?

Jonno Nicholson
13 January 2020

There are many different shotguns that are available to use on Modern Warfare. In this comparison, we take a look at the 725 and the Model 680 and attempt to decide which is best.

Since the release of Moderm Warfare on October 25th 2019, the shotguns, particularly the 725, came under intense scrutiny from the community for being the best weapon in the game by some margin.

Now it’s been heavily nerfed, there is a lot more choice when it comes to choosing which shotgun to equip for your loadout.

In this article, we will compare the 725 with the Model 680 and attempt to determine which is the better shotgun!



Perhaps one of the most talked-about weapons in the history of Call of Duty, the 725 has undergone a severe nerf since the start of the game, where it was easily one of the best weapons ever seen in the franchise.

Modern Warfare 725

The Pros

The 725 is very easy to control when firing from the hip.

Its two-rounds fires extremely quickly, giving players a quick one-two punch to guarantee a kill in the closer ranges.

It is still extremely powerful despite the nerfs, maintaining its place as one of the strongest weapons in the game.


The Cons

Although the two rounds are extremely powerful, the lack of ammunition means that you will find yourself reloading most of the time, making you a very easy target for the opposition.

Model 680

This reliable pump-action shotgun contains a lot more ammunition in the magazine in comparison to the 725.

A perfect counter to halt players that rush around the map with a sub-machine gun.

Modern Warfare Model 680


The Pros

The bigger magazine means that you will spend a lot less time reloading, meaning you’ll have more of a chance to react to an enemy in close quarters.

The Model 680 is often a one-shot kill at close range but with the right attachments equipped, the range can be increased to make it even more effective.


The Cons

The high damage output results in extremely high levels of recoil that are extremely difficult to control.

Along with the high recoil, you may experience a freak hitmarker when you are in a good position to score the kill with one hit.

This is the most annoying feature of the Model 680 whereas if you decide to choose the 725, the two-hit combo always delivers consistency.


Which Is Best?

Despite being a shadow of its former self, the 725 is still a good weapon to use but since its glory days, the Model 680 has become the more favourable shotgun to use so in this case, we are choosing the Model 680.

It’s perfect for breaching a building full of enemies thanks to the large magazine but for maximum success, the recoil must be managed by selecting the right attachments to equip!

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Written by
Jon Nicholson


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