PUBG Mobile Season 11: New Weapon Skins For Android And iOS
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PUBG Mobile Season 11: New Weapon Skins For Android And iOS

Oliver East
9 January 2020

PUBG Mobile allows you to personalise your weapons and with a new season just around the corner then new skins are to be expected. Here is what's being released with the new update.

As is the trend with modern day first-person shooters, PUBG Mobile allows you to customise your weapons to truly get the most of your personal experience within the game and customise it to your whim - PUBG Mobile Season 11 will be no different.

The game has gone through 10 seasons with plenty of ways to personalise these weapons and it will be no different when Season 11 lands on January 10th, 2020.

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New Gun Skins

We’ve seen plenty of leaks (such as those from Mr Ghost Gaming) emerge revealing what new weapon skins will appear in PUBG Mobile Season 11.

We’ll be able to obtain a shiny new M416 weapon skin. The powerful assault rifle with have a purple and blue print across the body as well as a black and white reaper tag above where the trigger will be.


In addition to the M416, we’ll also see a new skin for the M762 which will be covered in a crimson paint with electric blue streaks. A transformer logo will also be tagged onto the body.

Accompanying these weapons skins, new looks for the pan, helmet and backpack will be available to either purchase or earn. 

PUBG Mobile Season 11 Weapon Skin M416

The helmet and backpack will be very similar to one another with a black, blue and red colour scheme and a transformer logo. 

The pan will be similar to the crimson and blue M762 design.


Players will also now be able to get the Frozen City S1897 skin.

This is available for a limited time between the 9th January-17th February 2020.

frozen city s1897 skin pubg mobile season 11

You can also get an M4 skin from the Begonia Witch Set.

This is available for a limited time between the 9th-14th January 2020.

begonia witch set pubg mobile season 11

In addition, players will be able to receive new skins through the Royale Pass.

Once players hit diamond tier they will be rewarded with a new MK14 skin and it’s been rumoured the Kar98k will receive an exclusive season 11 skin.

There have been mentions of the SKS, M16A4 and Uzi getting news skins however we haven’t seen any stills yet.

Written by
Ollie East


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