Fortnite Chapter 2: Best Landing Spots And Locations To Get More Loot!
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Fortnite Chapter 2: Best Landing Spots And Locations To Get More Loot!

Nick Farrell
1 November 2019

Your drop spot is one of the most important things to consider when dropping in with the squad!

Fortnite Chapter 2 has arrived with a brand new map, with many new locations that players may be struggling to get to grips with.

We're always keen to share our Fortnite Chapter 2 tips and tricks and one of the best tips we can give is to know where the best landing spots and locations are so you can get the best loot possible.

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With literally thousands of new players jumping in every day, you HAVE to keep ahead of the competition – and having a good drop spot is one of the best ways to do so.

So what are the best ones on this new map?

Dirty Docks

The first POI on our list is Dirty Docks, the take on a classic shipyard is the farthest east POI on the map and can be found right next to the water.

All together Dirty Docks has 28 chests, multiple boats, and an upgrade bench making it one of the most stacked POI’s in the game. Along with all of the loot you can find at Dirty Docks, there are also enough materials for the whole lobby it seems!

With this being one of the best drop spots in the game it is no wonder it has become so popular since Chapter 2 released.

Misty Meadows

This new POI might look like one of the old POI’s from the previous Fortnite map. With an almost identical layout and surrounding buildings as the once Happy Hamlet, many players immediately drew the comparison between the two as soon as the new map released.

Misty Meadows features 28 chests throughout the POI, along with multiple boats and a massive lake for players to fish to try and obtain higher tier consumables.

There also happens to be a little island right across from Misty that stores two chests as well and plenty of locations to the southern portions of it!

Sweaty Sands

Another POI that may have fans questioning whether or not it is entirely new, Sweaty Sands has a very Paradise Palms feel to it. This POI lays rest to 31 chests, boats and an upgrade bench.

Although this POI has the most chest spawns out of the ones we have listed, it appears to be the least contested every game. For some reasons, players are not so keen to land here and rather land somewhere else for less favorable loot!

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Nick Farrell

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