CSGO: DreamHack Open Rotterdam 2019: Stream, Fixtures, Format, Dates, Teams, Tickets, Prize Pool And Everything You Need To Know
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CSGO: DreamHack Open Rotterdam 2019: Stream, Fixtures, Format, Dates, Teams, Tickets, Prize Pool And Everything You Need To Know

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9 October 2019

AVANGAR are the only thing resembling an elite team in the Netherlands for DreamHack Open Rotterdam. With some mediocre challengers, AVANGAR would be sorely scrutinized if they fail to hoist the trophy.

DreamHack Open Rotterdam 2019 is the company's first foray into the Netherlands and they have partnered with the city of Rotterdam for Rotterdam Games Week! It is an exciting venture, but unfortunately, the level of Counter-Strike will not bemay not feature the start-studded teams people are used to. With AVANGAR being considered as the only quality team in attendance, due to ESL Pro League, but will have a lot of importance for tier 2 and 3 levels of CSGO.



October 18th

  • Group A Match # 1 - AVANGAR vs Besiktas (11.00am BST)
  • Group B Match #1 - forZe vs Asterion (12.30pm BST)
  • Group A Match #2 - ex-Dreameaters vs Heroic (2.00pm BST)
  • Group B Match #2 - CR4ZY vs HAVU Gaming (3.30pm BST)
  • Winners Group A - TBD vs TBD (5.00pm)
  • Winners Group B - TBD vs TBD (6.30pm)

October 19th

  • Elimination Group A - TBD vs TBD (9.00pm)
  • Elimination Group B - TBD vs TBD (12.00pm)
  • Decider Group A - TBD vs TBD (3.00pm)
  • Decider Group B - TBD vs TBD (6.00pm)

October 20th

  • Semi-Final #1 - TBD vs TBD (9.00pm)
  • Semi-Final #2 - TBD vs TBD (12.00pm)
  • Grand Final - TBD vs TBD (4.00pm)



The format is a standard double-elimination groups stage that feeds into a single-elimination playoff bracket.

Group A 

  • AVANGAR - The heavy tournament favorites. I'm sure they'll drop a map at some point because it would make sense, but AVANGAR are favored against the entire field. 
  • Besiktas - One of the first times a full female team will be at a mixed-gender event, Besiktas have a great opportunity to display the talent of females in CS:GO if they make it to the playoff bracket. 
  • ex-Dreameaters - The team had some org drama and the Russian lineup is not expected to make it out of groups. 
  • Heroic - A normally quality team at DreamHack Opens, Heroic should be the favorites to make it second out of Group A. Unfortunately, the team's best player left for complexity and a fifth is unknown. 

Group B 

  • Asterion - The hometown team, Asterion is a mixed Dutch/British lineup that is looking to give the hometown crowd something to cheer about, hopefully. 
  • CR4ZY - This lineup has started to realize their potential and could be dark horses to take it all. They will definitely make it out of groups. 
  • forZe - A really good online team that had some LAN success recently, forZe are a solid bet to make it out of groups. 
  • HAVU - The all Finnish lineup has been the very quiet second fiddle to ENCE as they don't get to make it out to big events often. I doubt HAVU makes it past groups. 



As all DreamHack Opens are, Rotterdam will have simple spectator tickets and tickets for those looking to compete in the Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) events! Tickets start at €20 and go up to €115 so be sure to act as soon as possible before prices go up on October 15th. 

Prize Pool 

The event features a $100,000 prize pool with a normal distribution. 

1st - $50,000 
2nd - $20,000
3rd-4th - $10,000
5th-6th - $3,000 
7th-8th - $2,000

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Written By: 
Ezekiel Carsella

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