Fortnite: Content Update V10.31: Full Patch Notes & Leaked Batman Files
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Fortnite: Content Update V10.31: Full Patch Notes & Leaked Batman Files

Nick Farrell
18 September 2019

Fortnite players will now be able to swing on in like batman in this latest patch.

Fresh off the latest Fortnite patch V10.30, Epic Games has already rolled out another update to keep us entertained in the concluding days of the season. 

This new content update brings a few minor changes to Fortnite, with the potential of a collaboration with one of the biggest brands of all time looming on the horizon. 

The full content update V10.30 notes can be found here.

Batman X Fortnite (Leaked File)

The dark knight may be arriving in Fortnite, players will now be able to swing into this new look tilted towers, which is based off the famous Gotham City, from the Batman series. Along with this change, players will be relieved that the rift zone, that once occupied tilted, is no more.

Party Hub

This was a feature that Epic Games originally teased to us a long time ago, titled "Kraios" this new app was suppose to be a better way to communicate while in-game, but we never really heard much of it until now.

This new app can only be used on mobile devices and Epic Games described it as: "It’s a new feature in Fortnite on mobile that lets you see which friends are online, start a party, and voice chat with that party before jumping in game on any platform or downloading the game on your mobile device."

A new feature some fans will certainly appreciate, the full notes can be found here.

Gameplay Updates

This content update also introduced some minor bug fixes such as the resolve of the issue with the zip lines, which were an issue for multiple weeks.  Another note that was added was that final end zones can no longer end near any of the rift zones; Moisty Palms. Retail Row, Tilted Town, and Greasy Groove. A change that will be a relief for many competitive players we are sure!

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Nick Farrell

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