UGC Halo Classic Atlantic City 2019 Recap: Lux Gaming Claim Victory As The Classic Fails To Disappoint
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UGC Halo Classic Atlantic City 2019 Recap: Lux Gaming Claim Victory As The Classic Fails To Disappoint

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9 September 2019

The Halo Classic saw TOX Gaming go down early and Chris "Gilkey" Gilkey lead his squad on an epic run to a first-place finish in Atlantic City, NJ. Here's the recap of the event.

The UGC Halo Classic in Atlantic City did not disappoint, as this year's competition saw Lux Gaming walk away victorious. Halo has been in an... odd spot with Halo 3 being the default competitive game over Halo 5: Guardians, but there is nothing quite like competitive Halo 3. We're in the countdown to Halo Infinite and with Halo: Reach's impending inclusion to the Master Chief Collecition, the community is reigniting its love for Halo. With a grand final for the ages and an earlier than expected exit for the St. Louis champs, The Halo Classic in Atlantic City had a little bit of everything for everyone.

Lux Gaming cement legacy

Lux Gaming were a favorite to finish in the top four, but TOX Gaming have run things in Halo 3 so far. Shockingly, TOX finished top six after a short stint in the loser's bracket and were unable to win yet another tournament. Lux's win was a feel-good moment for the players such as Gilkey and Goofy, who have very little in the way of hardware, and further legitimized their position as Halo professionals.

Match of the Playoffs: Lux Gaming defeats Goldmembers

Lux Gaming met the veteran squad Goldmembers in the grand final and Lux Gaming won a close best of seven to win The Halo Classic. While grand finals are not always...grand, this one had a lot of close plays and an exciting last map that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Lux Gaming showed strong team dynamics and resolve after Goldmembers made a significant attempt to force a bracket reset. 

Play of the Tournament: Eric "Snipedown" Wrona

Snipedown has competed in a variety of console esports, but has gained notoriety in the pro APEX Legends scene as of late. When he's not busy surviving in the Outlands, he comes back to the game that made him famous; Snipedown absolutely takes the reigns of a game when he gets the gun that's in his name.

However, this Royal 2 extermination wasn't far off...

Gfinity MVP: Chris "Gilkey" Gilkey

Gilkey was an absolute beast in the playoffs and while everyone on Lux fragged out, Gilkey was the standout in my book. From his ability to stay calm in crazy team slayers, to his ability to get frags with any weapon, Gilkey was a paragon of professional ability.

DreamHack Atlanta and beyond 

Modern Halo 3 esports has been an... interesting sidebar in competitive Halo history. While Halo 5 had its problems, the game was refreshed during its time at the top, while Halo 3 is an old game that has game types that can feel played out. So far nothing is set in stone for the next big Halo 3 event, but DreamHack Halo hinted on their Twitter account that they would be having a Halo LAN at DreamHack Atlanta. Beyond that, nothing is certain and with Halo: Infinite looming, we hope that the Halo momentum will continue!

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