Gears 5: Gamescom 2019 Announcements & Everything We Know!
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Gears 5: Gamescom 2019 Announcements & Everything We Know!

Nick Farrell
19 August 2019

With the looming release date of September 10, this could be our last preview of the game ahead of its release.

We're all excited for a Gears 5 Gamescom 2019 announcement this August. During E3 2019 one of Microsoft's main attractions during their conference, alongside Halo Infinite, was Gears of War 5, one of the most loved and storied franchises was already announced to have the fifth installment in the works but we have seen little to no gameplay so far. With the looming Gears 5 release date in just a few weeks, it comes as a surprise to many that they are still showcasing new information about the game. With an ample of announcements at this past E3, we are days away from the German game convention Gamescom 2019. The German video game fair has been known to divulge juicy first looks and never before seen information.

During Microsoft's E3 2019 conference we got a glimpse of the new escape building mode along with the three-player Co-Op mode. They did not showcase any campaign stuff although we have yet to be revealed any concrete information about it. 

So what can we expect to hear out of Microsoft next week? Let's explore the possibilities.

New Campaign Information

Ahead of the annual Gamescom convention next week, Microsoft has confirmed to us that we will for sure be seeing new campaign information this coming Monday to kick off their Gears of War 5 show. With fans speculating for months what the campaign could entail we may have a better idea as we approach the date

Rumors are circulating that we will be spending some time playing between Marcus Fenix, J.D. and others. As well as female character Kait has been confirmed to lead as the games the main protagonist. The Coalition studio head Rod Fergusson is calling Gears 5's story mode the "biggest ever." It will be exciting to see what we learn next week, will just get some details or a full-on trailer? 

Horde Mode

Introduced during Gears of War 2, Horde mode has quickly become of the most popular Gears of War Multiplayer modes to date. The official announcement of the Gears of War 5 Horde mode is set for Aug. 19 at 5 p.m. CEST (11 a.m. EST) which is right before the campaign reveal.

With rumors circulating of Horde mode characters being granted abilities much like Overwatch, this could be the most action-packed Horde mode yet. Studio head Rod Fergusson only briefly mentioned Gears 5's horde mode during Microsoft's E3 conference, so next week is finally when we get a full look at the Horde mode.

NEW Confirmed News From Gamescom

Gamescom 2019 kicked off today with Microsoft beginning the day with their Gears of War 5 coverage, and this did not disappoint fans of the series. With an ample amount of announcements on display during the announcements here is all the juicy news we learned today!

Halo Reach X Gears of War

Yea this one blew our mind, perhaps one of the most outrageous crossovers in all of gaming history. Microsoft pulled out all the cards during this announcement if players are subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass they will immediately unlock the exclusive Halo Reach skins title Emile-A239 and Kat-B320. 

Limited Edition Xbox One

Along with the Halo Reach cosmetic announcement they also showcased a new special Xbox One console that fans will be able to purchase. The Gears of War 5 Limited Edition Xbox One Console, was a very unique and amazing design not only on the console but the controller as well. It will come fully loaded with the best edition of Gears of War 5 and 1TB of internal storage. 


The big announcement that came out of today was the official trailer for Gears of War 5's Horde mode. From the looks of the trailer, it seems as there will be plenty of fortification options for your game along with new abilities that each character can have. As one of if not the most fan loved Gears Of War modes, fans should be amped about this trailer in the leadup to the release. 

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Nick Farrell

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